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Top 5 B2B Magento 2 Extensions From Klizer Store

Mohan Natarajan
August 8, 2017 |

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Magento is a leader in B2B ecommerce, powering 41 merchants on the Internet Retailer B2B eCommerce Top 300 list. With Magento, you can create an outstanding B2B experience that exceeds customers’ expectations. As a Magento Solutions partner, we continue supporting Magento to grow in the B2B Market.

Here, we list some of our top B2B extensions that you can implement for your Magento2 B2B store.

Advanced Sample Orders

Magento 2 extensionsThe B2B market is different from B2C. B2B purchases are not impulsive. Trust and relationship play an important role. The purchase is initiated based on brand, quality, bulk pricing, credit availability and more.

Usually, b2b buyers who visit your site for the first time may have an initial hesitation about the quality of the products. Allowing the b2b buyers to make a sample purchase will help to remove doubts about quality.

‘Advanced Sample Orders’ extension allows the system to provide sample orders, either as Free or Paid. You can also configure prices – fixed or % prices for the samples.

You can check out Advanced Sample Orders Magento 2 Extension from Klizer Store for more details

Quick Order

magento 2 extensionsB2B ecommerce platforms are expected to offer full support to quick orders for the wholesale customers to help drive repeat business.  

B2B customers purchase certain SKUs repeatedly and frequently. Quick Order functionality helps in the easy ordering of such frequently purchased SKUs.

DCKAP Quick Order Magento2 extension allows the customer to enter the SKU/Product Name and add them directly to the cart. This extension allows the buyers to complete the entire purchase in just a few clicks.

You can check out Quick Order Magento2 Extension from Klizer Store for more details.

Shopping List Manager

magento 2 extensionsB2B customers prefer to maintain their favorite items in a wishlist. Magento native does not allow multiple wish lists for a customer.

Shopping List Manager allows customers to maintain multiple wish lists and add items to the list.  Customers can also check out the items from the wish list.

The items in the wishlist are retained even after the order has been placed. 

Check out Shopping List Manager B2B Magento2 extension from Klizer Store.

Advanced Order Search

magento 2 Advance OrderB2B customers expect more search options in My Order Page. Advanced Order Search Magento 2 extension provides wider search options whereby customers can search based on shipping city/zip code, SKU/Name, and date range.

It also auto populates the products when the customer enters the SKU/ Product Name. 

Customers can download the result as a CSV or PDF.

Check out Advanced Order Search B2B Magento2 Extension from Klizer Store.

Call to Order

Call to orderSome businesses do not allow the customer to view prices online. In such cases, the website will display the telephone numbers so that buyers can call offline to negotiate the product pricing.  

DCKAP Call to Order Magento 2 extension allows the seller to enter phone numbers and to enable/disable the call to order at the product level. 

By entering their phone number, buyers can request call back to admin to get clear about their doubts of products. 

Check out Call to Order Magento2 Extension from Klizer Store.

We provide free support and 30-day money back guarantee. Let us know if you need any customized extensions, we will be happy to build it for you. You can reach me at

Mohan Natarajan

A speaker at Imagine 2017, Mohan heads the Customer Success at DCKAP. Within a span of 7 years, Mohan has acquired all four Magento Certificates and offers impeccable knowledge in the Magento platform, and has evolved as a Solution Architect, developing a handful of Magento Extensions for numerous B2B customers. In addition to being an active member of Chennai Magento Community, he leads the Chennai Magento Meetup events. He is keen and proud to serve the eCommerce Community, thanks to his boundless expertise in the ecosystem. Furthermore, he was honored as one of the top contributors in the 2017 Magento Live India event and 2018 Meet Magento India event. Being a huge fan of the Magento Community, Mohan is glued to Twitter and LinkedIn. Loves to surf and play Table Tennis, when not working in Magento projects and managing DCKAP Store.

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