Juggling with a headload of data often stands as a speed breaker in your journey of scalability. But with database management and adequate resource tracking, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) becomes the one-stop solution to gain complete visibility of your core business functions. 

67% of the distributors and manufacturers who tasted success with ERP implementation reflects the outcome of how integration is made flawless through ERP systems. Nonetheless, choosing the best ERP system from the countless options paves your way to the winning moment.

Here’s where Tribute Inc. turns up. The ERP solutions offered by Tribute become the perfect fit for industrial distributors covering fluid power & motion control, pump distribution, industrial hose & accessories, automation & robotics to name a few. 

Setting the base strong on industrial distributorship, Tribute ERP brings with it 35+ years of experience in providing the best solutions. The niche-focused TrulinX ERP Software offered by Tribute guarantees a transparent view of each and every component, part, and subassembly for all projects, while also tracking their status. The wide range of comprehensive features simplifies your operational workflows, bringing together all functionalities at the tip of your fingers.  

But the features and its benefits just don’t end here. You will explore more as you read on…

What Makes Tribute ERP Irresistible For Distributors?

Inventory Management

For any distributor, supervising the inventory is a game of dice that demands utmost attention. The inventory management module of Tribute’s TrulinX software gives a 360° view into:

  • Open orders
  • Pending purchase orders
  • Available products at different branches
  • Quantity in external fabrication
  • Item transaction history 

You have the freedom to classify your items or product lines into groups, letting you oversee them separately. This grouping is further enhanced by enabling buying parameters, lead time calculation, safety stock calculation, and demand calculation, simultaneously offering industry-standard calculation methods. You can work out minimum stocking levels and maximum buy quantities of different items and regulate costs easily for those products that might not be performing well.

With Exponential Smoothing and Rolling Period Average being the two calculation methods offered by TrulinX software, calculate estimated lead time effortlessly. This enables you to not only figure out the receipts that affect new lead time, but also look into any unusual lead time situation.

Tribute ERP eases inventory management

Lot Control

Through the lot control/batch/heat tracking system, you can access all the vital data right from the initial to the shipping phase. Gain insight into order entries, customer notes, and quotes directly from the lot enquiry screen. Also, the pick ticket report provides you with the accurate location of your lots. 

TrulinX ERP Software of Tribute eases the way by which you enter, inquire, store, and report lot numbered items. You can pull orders through Lot Assignment Methods at the system and Item Control level. The Lot Control Inquiry Screen or the Quote/Order entry make possible an automated overview of different lots, improving the efficiency of operations.

Depending on an item being lot/heat/batch tracked, you can filter your inventory. The salient features makes it easier for you to figure out the numbers obtained for each item, while also letting you know about particular lots that are shipped on a specific pick ticket.

Vendor Management

Track your vendor’s performance effectively by creating an all-inclusive vendor report card and analyze whether the vendors are able to catch up with your shipping specifications. Tools and built-in reports of Tribute’s ERP solution help in rating vendors using various criteria. These include:

  • Vendor Summary Report
  • Average Vendor Delivery Report
  • Vendor PO Recap Expedite Report
  • Vendor Volume Report (and the list goes on) 

Its sophisticated rebate system will guide you in looking into all components in each assembly in your warehouse. Furthermore, Point of Sales Report can be generated for exporting sales data. You can either use the report for a specific vendor, location, vendor product category or for multiple vendors, locations, and vendor product categories. You can also run the POS Reports automatically using TrulinX software.

You will have the complete visibility over vendor costs, while also simultaneously taking a look into any discrepancies in rates. You can track vendor performance metrics in real time by getting hold of accurate analysis and data.

Work Order Management

The inquiry screens enabled by the solution provide a transparent view of your customer’s order history. Grab all the relevant information in a snap as you can sort and filter columns by moving them in any which way. In case of any unwanted change, it can be returned to its original format using the reset option. 

The Work Order Management (WOM) module of TrulinX ERP Software facilitates quicker substitutions or conversions of components while in progress. Wide range of routing options will provide you with more command over scheduling and production, pacing up the progress of your customer’s work orders.

The seamless Bills of Materials interface facilitates the ‘drag and drop’ of components. Entering the work order can be carried out straight from the sales order or it can also be executed separately, attaching it to the sales order at a later stage. All reports and inquiries are made available in Trulinx so that you can make a note of your work and also expedite any work if desired.

TrulinX software's Work Order Management module

Gain Deeper Insight With TrulinX ERP Software

Measure Your Performance

Tracing your performance and operations is equally important as to executing them. TrulinX software gives access to a wide range of reports and real-time performance tracking tools so as to determine where you stand in terms of your performance. 

With the information you gain from inventory positions, sales bookings, vendor reports, and special pricing arrangements (SPAs), you can easily compare the current data with the previous ones. With TrulinX, a few among the business management metrics that can be monitored include:

  • On-time shipments
  • Lead time accuracy on new items
  • Lost sales
  • Vendor service level

Measure your perfomance with Tribute ERP

Enhance Visibility and Control

Tracing your operations is made easier with the increasing degree of transparency that the software offers. You can provide serial numbers to assemblies, allowing for effortless tracking once they have been released to customers. Keep an eye on all components of your assemblies in warehouses through the simplified vendor rebate program.

Take a look at price, order history, availability, and substitutes from a single screen. Also, it facilitates the tracking of lost sales. Gaining visibility into all the activities of all lots will further enhance the assurance and security of your assets. You can easily analyze the location it came from, where is it currently located at your warehouse, and to where is it shipped. 

Thrive on Automation

Automation opens doors to the execution of enriching business processes. The software facilitates automatic calculation of rebates at the component level of particular vendors’ items. Moreover, automated follow-ups on inquiries and quotes reduce manual efforts considerably.

For the pump distribution sector, the software offers a serial number feature, which is auto-generated for each pump that is being built. Apart from a label, a new serial number will also be generated automatically each time work orders are created for built items.   

Better Management of Finances

Providing you with a clear picture of your finances and financial position, Tribute’s TrulinX solution guides you in aligning your operations accordingly. By integrating labor and burden lines, its Bill of Materials (BOM) feature gives you a glance into your gross margins.

Have a deeper look into the estimates for labor, components, and burden with the help of its Work Order Management feature. If needed, you can enter the estimate for both burden and labor so that examining the cost is made possible as and when the job is completed partially, while the actual cost can also be determined effectively.

Tribute ERP system

 Your job doesn’t end with choosing the best suited ERP system. Ease out your integration by employing the proper middleware that would serve all your needs.

How Does An Ideal Middleware Make Integration An Easy Ride?

Getting hold of the perfect ERP solution is not the sole solution for all your hassles in data management. You need a middleware that effortlessly integrates your ERP system with your eCommerce platform and other business applications. Cloras, the all-inclusive middleware, offered at DCKAP automates ERP integrations with eCommerce platforms, CRM, Marketplaces, SCM, and whatnot.

Make use of the pre-built connectors of Cloras to integrate databases and leading applications like Salesforce, Adobe Experience Manager, Oracle etc. in just a few steps. The advanced logger will aid you in tracing any error or failed transactions, giving you the proper picture of where it failed and further guiding you to redeem those errors. The bidirectional integration carries out data transfer among your systems and applications. 

Advanced mapping and modifiers make Cloras stand out from the crowd. Considerably taking the edge off the developer dependency, you can work on complicated business logic, connect all the data fields, and let your data synchronize automatically. Centralization of data is made possible through Cloras by managing all data in a single location. Through the workflow visualization, trace all your operations and get an idea of your footing. 

You can also customize data pertaining to pricing, products, and other information without any added risk of complications. With Cloras, easily integrate your Tribute ERP system with your eCommerce platform including Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce, to name a few and pick up the pace of the order fulfillment cycle.

Bottom Line   

2019 saw businesses spending $5.5 billion in total on integration solutions and you can easily imagine the hike that we are all set to witness in the coming years. With all your strategies channeled towards steady growth, make sure you are equipped with the right support system to take the plunge. 

Ranging from customer-specific pricing to account history, all the details that you need for delivering spotless service are all at your disposal through the ideal ERP system. So, tap into limitless integration possibilities with Tribute’s TrulinX ERP software coupled with our middleware solution and reap the benefits of an all-encompassing view of your business operations.  

The expertise of our developers will help in materializing optimal integration possibilities, leaving no room for any organizational silos. With us, discover a sound and intact integration journey and drive up revenue.


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