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Ways to Safeguard Databases While Ruby on Rails Development

December 14, 2012 |
Web Development

RoRRuby on Rails Development

A user can get immense web developing experience by using the Ruby on Rails platform integrating web hosting services. This dynamic feature enhances web applications to look and perform in a more appealing way.

This platform is not new and there are hundreds of thousands of Ruby on Rails developers already working on projects right now, but for new developers trying out various platforms this is going to be a new term. But however new it may seem, it has been noted that developers getting introduced to Ruby on Rails catch up with the platform’s updates quickly and start developing projects quicker comparatively.

Using this platform enables in optimizing the database used in a project by a Ruby on Rails programmers. The database queries done in a Ruby on Rails based application slows down the database, to avoid this problem the programmers employ certain optimizations which will develop the performance of the database. Setting up clusters of the database has been a proven technique which has optimized the configuration of the database in such a way that the time takes to accept a query and fetching the data becomes highly enhanced. Basically a database cluster is a group of servers which contains the data that is required by the application and these servers take chances according the priorities being set. As more than a single server is being used even if one is not responding the request passes on to the other preventing a data bottle neck.

Depending on the data the website consists of, a Ruby on Rails developer can segregate it and store it in separate databases. The additional databases can be setup in the same way the master database base is setup such as MySQL, MongoDB etc. Common data which can be separated are details used for logging in or the historic data which can be split up and saved so that inconsistencies causing the database to get corrupt can be prevented.

These are some of the ways used by Ruby on Rails developers to develop projects in a rapid pace and with higher levels of competency.


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