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Why DCKAP Integrator Works Best For eCommerce ERP Integration

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We know you have huge volumes of data to handle- customer information, pricing details, product data, order information, and whatnot! Sure, errors in data entry are lurking to crop up as you juggle with this much data.

So what’s the golden rule to adopt for an error-free data entry?

   – eCommerce ERP integration

How can you make the integration seamless?

   – Choose the best ERP integration platform 

But these are just the basic questions that distributors like you have. So, here’s one more to get you to the result you definitely need-

How will it change the way you operate?

   – Read on to get the answer

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Top 3 ERP Systems, One Solution!

Of course, we have highly equipped ERP systems in the market that eases your business operations in many ways. What you need is a top-performing ERP integration platform that connects your ERP to all the systems and applications that you use and specifically with your eCommerce website.

DCKAP Integrator, our integration platform does just that and more while providing automated data synchronization. Enter the data in your eCommerce website and the same will be automatically updated in all of the connected systems. Being a platform-agnostic solution, DCKAP Integrator integrates any of the eCommerce platforms and ERP systems. 

So here is how it works-

1. Manage data better with eCommerce ERP integration

With DCKAP Integrator, the integration platform, gain instant access to important data on product pricing, margins, inventory quantity, and many more within seconds. Enable the sync schedule so that DCKAP Integrator can sync all the data automatically from your ERP system to your eCommerce website or other applications you use and vice versa, saving you time on data management.

Easy transfer of data between your multiple systems simplifies data handling as our integration platform provides seamless automation. All you need to do is enter the information in any one of your systems and sit back as DCKAP Integrator does the rest of the work for you. Managing inventories at multiple warehouses won’t be a problem anymore as you can get all the details in a single click. Ensuring the perfect data flow through an integrated ERP system helps you get rid of data redundancy and streamline business use cases.

You can also log and back up any data, including completed, unfinished, and continuing transactions, whose information is transported to and from the ERP system. Moreover, changes made in the ERP system will be automatically reflected in all of your integrated systems via DCKAP Integrator. Automation decreases errors in data input and removes the possibility of human mistakes.

  • Distribution One ERP, the savior in data management

The ERP-ONE+ system of Distribution One has numerous features specifically for smoothening data handling. The 64-bit ERP-ONE+ system gives a 360-degree overview of your entire data. So when connected with your website via DCKAP Integrator, your customers will benefit from instant access to accurate data that is stored in ERP-ONE+.

The ERP system provides a pop-up window that lets you gain all the customer and order information in a quick snap. Analyze the open item and balance forward statements, as well as the cash receipt projection that the solution offers. ERP-ONE+ puts in place the General Ledger system and effectively manages financial and transaction data.

It also provides client-defined historical and trend reports. Compare the income statement and budget statement, as well as the balance sheet and cash flow statement, to obtain a sense of where you stand. These added benefits of Distribution One ERP can take you places when you have the right integration platform to leverage them.

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2. All your order information in one place

You heard it right!

The one exhaustive task of managing a whole lot of orders with large volumes of data is not exhaustive anymore. And yes, bid a happy farewell to your issues of missing order information and order entry errors. You won’t run the risk of any errors in data as DCKAP Integrator completely automates the entire process of data handling and synchronization.

Trace quotation order entries and blanket orders, and also keep track of returned goods. Have better control over reviewing purchase orders and sales orders as all the relevant data comes in handy for you and your team. Order fulfillment is easier with instant access to vital data.

Here’re the various order synchronizations that DCKAP Integrator does for you:

  • Offline order sync
  • Backorder sync
  • Standing order sync
  • Request quote sync
  • Order processing sync
  • Order status sync

As per your convenience, you can set the data sync in real-time or at a preset scheduled time. So the orders placed on your website are automatically updated in your ERP system and other connected applications, resulting in perfect order synchronization.


Order sync made easy through eCommerce ERP integration

  • DDI System and its order management capabilities

Inform ERP Software of the DDI System has user-friendly interfaces that make counter sales easier. Data is available anytime, wherever, thanks to a frictionless experience across mobile devices. InforMobile, the first entry in the DDI System’s next-generation cloud ERP, simplifies your operations across devices without the requirement for installing the software.

The QuickOrder VMI feature optimizes the scanning functionality. You can easily scan the bin labels and barcoded products for creating sales orders and proposals straight through your smartphone or any other mobile device. Order prices are simple to maintain using the competitive pricing tab that allows you to compare different deals and discounts.

Stock transfers, drop shipments, and special orders can all be assessed to keep track of order procurement and delivery. So when you connect your online store with Inform ERP, not only will you be saved from data errors but you can also win your customers as all the information will be fetched and delivered to them seamlessly in a snap.

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3. Zero operational silos

Lesser transparency in operations is the one issue that can cost you big time. With business operations picking up speed, it’s impossible to ignore the need of speeding up your job. You can’t afford to leave room for human errors as data management is becoming more important than ever.

DCKAP Integrator automates synchronization between your ERP system and your eCommerce platform, including order synchronization, inventory, supply chain, etc, to mention a few from a limitless number of lists. Complete automation gives way for bi-directional data transfer. You need not work in silos anymore when you have an accurate overview of your entire business operations.

Channel your efforts on productive work rather than obsessing about the mistakes you could have done while manually entering the data. Increase openness and simplicity of operations to increase efficiency in payment, order processing, and all other data-related tasks.

  • Infor ERP and its guarantee of a streamlined workflow

Infor ERP simplifies inventory control and its management. You can do things like establish reorder points and generate physical count sheets in addition to working on other inventory operations. Monitor off-site inventory which is maintained by suppliers using vendor-controlled inventory systems.

It provides configurable order control, advanced statistical forecasting, and dynamic replenishment methodologies that let you handle a large number of SKUs of stock and non-stock items that are available at different warehouses across regions. Apart from gaining insights into rebates, Infor ERP supports and eases a number of complicated pricing methods. Some of them are:

  • Matrix pricing
  • Contract pricing
  • Quantity breaks
  • Packaging breaks
  • Special pricing arrangements

Infor ERP gives you the best way to have a clear-cut idea of any relevant information through a simple interface. Customer pricing record types and rebate subtypes vendor on sale, vendor on purchase, and customer information becomes easy to maintain.

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Cloras ensures bidirectional data flow

Be Future-Ready With eCommerce ERP Integration

Being a platform-agnostic integration platform, DCKAP Integrator integrates any ERP, eCommerce platform, CRM, and other applications for a seamless data transfer. Our team makes data synchronization an absolute cakewalk through automated workflows and 100% transparency.

With the integration experts who come with the best industry experience, optimize your DCKAP Integrator integration and save hours of time for your other major business operations. So leverage your eCommerce ERP integration and promise the best shopping experience to your customers.

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