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Unlock Your Pathway To A Successful eCommerce Journey With DCKAP

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For the first time in history, there has been a tremendous shift in eCommerce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. eCommerce has witnessed a 129% year-over-year growth in the United States and Canada, with a never before 149% growth in overall online orders. According to a survey, consumers have spent $601.75 billion online with U.S. merchants. With that being said, you must be well prepared for a digital transformation by now. If not, by the end of this article, you will be equipped with tactics to identify the low performing areas of your business and leverage the right eCommerce solutions to augment your online store revenue.

Why do you need digital transformation?

Regardless of your business operating through a brick-and-mortar store or an eCommerce website that has been set-up already, it is always recommended to rethink whether you have utilized the right technology to simplify the complex processes involved in the customer journey. The customer journey is of the utmost importance when it comes to eCommerce journey of an online business. Delivering an impressive user experience to the customer is an integral part of the customer journey which acts as the key to driving sales to your eCommerce store. This is achievable only when you have decided to transform your business using the best eCommerce solutions in the marketplace.

How can you leverage eCommerce platforms for digital transformation?

Every eCommerce platform has its own unique features that cater to different business models. An eCommerce platform with robust integration solutions might help a B2B business in a way and another platform with rich customer-oriented features will solve the pain point for a B2C merchant. However, it is of prime importance to choose the most suitable eCommerce platform that fits the nature of your business and target customers.

Identify the ideal eCommerce platform for your business:

Magento Commerce:

How about an eCommerce platform that has specific B2B features that can enhance the performance of your online store? Magento is one such platform that offers you extensive flexibility and scalability. Starting from its robust features like vast inventory management to full-order, quote, and invoice tracking for buyers across the venture, Magento commerce edition simplifies your B2B touchpoints by delivering efficient data management.

Some of the Highlighted B2B features of Magento Commerce edition are:

  • Multiple buyers per account
  • Quick order entry and Requisition lists.
  • Payment on Accounts
  • Customized Catalogs and Price Lists for Customers
  • Web API’s to integrate ERP
  • Multi-Source Inventory
  • Company Accounts

DCKAP is a proud professional partner of Magento equipped with a strong team of Magento 2 certified solution specialists who have built several Magento stores for their clients operating business across several industries. One such client is Moody price L.L.C, where all the specific B2B functionalities and unique features expected from the client’s end were implemented along with P21 Epicor ERP integration. Take a look at the detailed case study of Moody Price L.L.C to get an in-depth view of the migration process.

Shopify Plus:

Shopify Plus, being the high-level version of Shopify offers enterprise features that empower your eCommerce website with endless customizations. This platform is chosen by several B2C/B2B businesses in the niche market that handles abundant checkouts. If you’re looking for a platform to increase the number of orders and the conversion rate for your website, then Shopify plus would be an ideal solution for your business.

Core specialties of Shopify plus platform are listed below:

  • Better infrastructure to deliver better sales & marketing experiences
  • Handles up to 10,000 checkouts/minute.
  • Standardized APIs for quick and easy data integration.
  • Seamless integrations with CRM & Social media channels.
  • Customizable themes for mobile commerce
  • Helps merchants achieve their ambitious business goals by providing strategic support through launch manager and Merchant success manager solution.

DCKAP also partners with Shopify, helping merchants from various industries to achieve digital transformation by building a perfect online storefront that makes their eCommerce journey easier.

Take a look at the digital transformation journey of Quality Farm Supply, an agricultural distributor for whom advanced Shopify store was implemented along with P21 integration.


Getting started with eCommerce is made easy with BigCommerce, a platform that is tailor-made for small-medium sized businesses that are looking to set up a flawless online storefront to kick-start their digital journey.

Some of the unique features of BigCommerce are:

  • Best-in-class SEO including search-friendly themes, sitewide HTTPS, and automatic sitemaps to make websites rank higher organically.
  • Social media friendly platform supported by better inventory control and flawless transaction processing.
  • Google Shopping – 1-click integration to sync product data and sell more without the need to update inventory.
  • Build-in coupons & offers to attract new customers and retain your loyal customers.
  • Responsive templates equipped with mobile-optimized checkout for better conversion rates.

DCKAP partners with Bigcommerce to deliver a unified experience for both B2B/B2C users on an eCommerce website. With the help of in-house certified developers and specialists, we have migrated several websites to BigCommerce and ensured proper maintenance in the front-end and back-end processes. Integration requirements with the ERP system are done accurately along with synchronization from various data touch points such as inventory, customer, and order information.

Take a look at an interesting case study where DCKAP ensured a smooth customer experience and effortless back-end management with BigCommerce migration:

The above-mentioned eCommerce platforms are of advantage to any business to lay their footprints for a scalable and a long-term eCommerce journey. If you’re having any idea of setting up your dream online store in a more robust eCommerce platform like SAP Commerce Cloud, Our experts are just one click away to help you out. Once after you decide on the platforms, you need to be equipped with exclusive features that boost the performance of your eCommerce store. Some mandatory solutions that helped the majority of DCKAP’s clients to witness a higher percentage of returning customers are:

ERP Connector:

DCKAP Integrator

, a middleware that connects ERP and an eCommerce platform to facilitate smoother data synchronization between the two. Regardless of the ERP solution that your company’s data rely on, be it Infor, Acumatica, Epicor Prophet 21, Distribution One or Inform by DDI system, DCKAP Integrator enables seamless integration with the data storage points involved in your eCommerce platform by connecting it with your ERP. Our DCKAP Integrator integration specialists are here to identify your needs and outline a plan to fulfill your business use cases with effective automation. Reduce time spent on unwanted redundant activities led by manual data transfer and take advantage of automated data transfers via DCKAP Integrator.

Here’s a list of features that make our clients choose DCKAP Integrator over any other solution:

  • Multi-Platform Integration
  • Real-Time Synchronization
  • Advanced Mapping and Modifiers
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Advanced Logging
  • Secure Transactions

Midland Scientific, Inc., a full-line distributor of 400,000 laboratory products based in the United States integrated their P21 ERP system data with Magento 2.3 using DCKAP Integrator data integration middleware to achieve the following:

  • Data Synchronization – Order, Product, Customer, Inventory, Pricing, Invoice Payments in sync with the present eCommerce platform which also enabled bidirectional data flow among highlighted data points.
  • Back orders – It allows the customer to place an order even during insufficient stock in the inventory. Automatically updates the order details once the item has been shipped and delivered to the customer.
  • Request Quote – While placing B2B orders in bulk, the pricing will reflect automatically from the public library where the quote information is pre-stored. This creates an uninterrupted B2B buying experience for the customer.

There are more such automated processes that were accomplished by using DCKAP Integrator which are available in a detailed case study below:

Read Full Case Study:

eCommerce and ERP Integration - DCKAP IntegratorRequest a Demo:

eCommerce Data Analytics Software:

A team of data scientists at DCKAP came up with a unique solution that provides insights on in-depth and accurate data on every process that is involved in an eCommerce business. DCKAP Analytics – The visual beacon, was launched recently with intuitive dashboards that represent customer, product, and sales data in various formats for you to analyze and make smarter decisions supported by predictive analysis. DCKAP Analytics also offers you to take a deeper look at the key performance indicators that help drive eCommerce revenue to your business. Integrate DCKAP Analytics with your eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce & Magento and let our virtual data scientist take care of the rest.

In addition to all of this, it allows you to integrate with the most popular email marketing platform – Mailchimp, to help you achieve better sales.

DCKAP AnalyticsView Live Demo

Product Information Management:


, A real-time repository to centralize and store all of your company’s product data. It is a product that can act as both your product information storage system as well as a smart tool to manage the same information between different end points in your business. Create and categorize your product information by uploading all of the available data in bulk within a single click. Seamless data flow can be witnessed when integrated with your existing CRM & ERP. Some of the supporting eCommerce platforms which can be integrated with DCKAP PIM are Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and SAP Hybris.

How DCKAP PIM Helps - A PIM PlatformBook your demo to our PIM solution and Manage your company’s product data like a pro:

Test Case Management Tool:

QA Touch

, A tool to manage all your projects, new releases and test cases in a streamlined manner with zero errors. The following are the highlighted features of QA Touch:

  • In-built Bug Tracking & Mindmap
  • Requirements Mapping
  • Seamless Dashboards
  • Test Suites
  • Custom Roles
  • AI text prediction and much more

With QA touch in hand, you can connect with a larger audience via integrations with popular project management softwares and tools like Jira, Slack, Jenkins, Trello, GitHub and many more.

Take a look at this recent case study where QA Touch solved the crucial pain points faced by Vuclip, (a PCCW Media company headquartered in San Jose, California, United States) providing them with finer integrations and offering easy maintenance over their projects.

eCommerce Journey

Sign up for free to get your test cases managed by QA Touch:

ADA Compliance

Now that DCKAP has positioned itself as a strong player in providing digital commerce solutions to elevate every business that is operating in different sectors, it has also extended its services by ensuring every website is ADA compliant. For businesses that are still thinking about ADA compliance, Here’s the final report of a survey which concludes:

  • 71% of users exit a website that is not ADA compliant.
  • 86% of disabled persons still face difficulties despite using assisted softwares.
  • And most importantly, 82 percent of the users are likely to return and build valuable relationships with a company that has a website with better accessibility.

eCommerce Journey

By making your website ADA compliant, you will be able to get access to a more user friendly website, protect your company against lawsuits, improve SEO strategy by enhancing functionality in your website which inturn reflects in better site crawling process performed by Google. Explore more about ADA compliance services from DCKAP and book your consultation with the ADA experts to plan your next step towards making your website comply with web content accessibility guidelines.


Adding to all of the above, any business that has a clear plan or a pathway to a successful eCommerce journey would measure its success with the revenue generated through its sales. If your business needs a solution to manage your sales, our salesforce experts are here to set it up for you the right way and help maximise your ROI. Implement the leading on-demand CRM for your business with the right experts who can further evaluate your existing business processes, practices, and technology systems.

DCKAP – Simplify Commerce For Distributors


being a powerhouse of all the digital commerce solutions, has continued to deliver eCommerce growth to numerous merchants, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. As a community, it has also evolved over the years by partnering with numerous technology companies and agencies. Earning trust from your customer acts as a reputation for any business. Testimonials from our clients says it all, Plan your future ahead by leveraging the above services and solutions with the help of our certified experts to unlock the pathway to a successful eCommerce journey.

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