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Champion Products

Champion Products

Integrating what matters, to accelerate sales.

About Champion Products

Established in 1991, Champion Products Corp has evolved over time into a full service distributor with a vast range of 9000+ products. They include paper products, bags, films and other packaging products, janitorial supplies and maintenance equipment, personal safety products, and more.

Business Requirements

Champion Products wanted to use the power of integration to free up their employees’ time for increased productivity and focus more on revenue-generating tasks. They got in touch with DCKAP Integrator to integrate their eCommerce store and their ERP with important business use cases to ensure continual data synchronization between the systems.

Integration Solutions

Explore the business use cases DCKAP Integrator integrated to combat Champion Products’ business problems through robust integrations. And how they help in providing an efficient order process and offer top-notch customer support.

Customer Sync

Apart from the usual customer details, the ship-to addresses will be synced back to Magento for already existing customers in P21.

Data Flow: Magento > P21

Products Sync

The product information created or updated in P21 is fetched to storefront, which includes product details, pricing, inventory details, and more.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Inventory Sync

Real-time inventory syncing across ERP and eCommerce backend systems to keep track of inventory levels and being aware of when to reorder.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Order Sync

Immediately after an order is placed, all the details about the order such as name, products, quantity, and so on, are brought to the backend ERP.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Order Processing Sync

After an order is received in the backend, details about order status, shipping, and delivery estimate, along with invoice are passed on.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Pricing Sync

Dynamic Pricing sync option has been enabled. And whenever a need occurs, the prices shall be displayed based on the customer.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Benefits of Magento P21 Integration

Now that the ERP and eCommerce systems of Champion Products have been connected, they can manage sales orders, leads, contacts, and marketing campaigns in a streamlined system. And irrespective of how or how many orders are placed, they are set to sync in real-time causing no worry whether data is updated at all the critical touchpoints in timely intervals.

Integration by DCKAP Integrator also helped to eliminate manual data entry and thereby reducing costly data errors. The team can place full focus on order fulfillment, making sound business decisions, resolving customer queries sooner, and achieving streamlined business (and happier customers).




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