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Shopify Plus and SAP ERP Integration.

About IDenticard

IDenticard aims at providing organizations with necessary solutions to identify as well as secure people and their premises. It was founded in the year 1970 and set its base as a photo ID seller. Today, IDenticard stands as a constituent of the ID and security products division of the Brady Corporation, a manufacturer valued at billion dollars and also a marketer of a host of ID and workplace safety products.

This company is based out of Pennsylvania with different office locations in Ontario and Massachusetts. It is a global company that is primarily focused on the sale of top-notch products, support, as well as service to its customers. IDenticard serves plenty of customers around the world in a number of different markets and industries. Their customers include Fortune 500 companies, K-12 schools, medical centers, colleges and universities, factories, and local, state, as well as federal government agencies and offices.

SAP ERP Integration

PDC IDenticard was running their eCommerce store on Shopify Plus and ERP was SAP. Though their data points were connected by DellBoomi, they had a few hiccups when it came to the data flow between orders (i.e.) both with syncing of order and further processing. They wanted a seamless flow, more fields, and the data to be mapped in the database.

Hence, two critical workflows are integrated by DCKAP Integrator for PDC with regards to the orders placed by the customers.

  • Order Sync: To make the process as quick and as easy as possible, the orders placed on the eCommerce store are synced to provide all the information they need in real-time for managing orders effectively.
    • Data Flow: Shopify Plus > SAP
  • Order Processing Sync: This sync helps PDC to plan, process, and proceed with order fulfillment. Also, letting the customer be aware of the status of when they’d be receiving the consignment. The invoice too shall be generated.
    • Data Flow: Shopify Plus > SAP
Creating Seamless eCommerce Experience

ERP Integration: Incorrect order information is the last thing a retailer would expect while doing business. When PDC collaborated with DCKAP Integrator to provide a better service to the customers by integrating their Orders-related data points, they had a set of requirements like more address fields, increased character length, and abbreviation of places to be imbibed in the fields.

Also, they wanted all the data to be mapped in the database. With the help of these two integrations, PDC can now gain full access to the entire customer orders and process them faster, irrespective of the channel they bought from.

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Shopify Plus & SAP ERP


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