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Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS)

JIS Distribution

Powerful integrations to propel the business forward.

About JIS

JIS Distribution LLC. is Ohio’s largest and technical distributor of industrial products, representing over 300 manufacturers in the United States. They offer a full line of cutting tools, carbide and other tool inserts, coolants, abrasives, drills, machine tool accessories, hand tools, MRO, and other industrial supplies. Their expertise spans over 50 years.

JIS Distribution
JIS Distribution dckap

Business Requirements

Jergens Industrial Supply got in touch with DCKAP Integrator to connect their data touchpoints ERP and eCommerce, namely BigCommerce with P21. They wanted to harness the benefits of integration and data to transform the way they do business and to repel the repetitive tasks that have been taking away their time. Another challenge they were facing was the sync of offline orders into the customers’ website account.

Also, pricing was an issue they were facing due to the number of products JIS had. They wanted a solution where the systems show Dynamic Prices to customers based on their nature or (previous buying stats). Adding to these woes is manual data entry which is again a laborious and time-eating task.

The problems were multiple. But the solution, one: Integration.

Integration Solutions

Below are the workflows that DCKAP Integrator connected between BigCommerce and P21 for JIS who wanted to have faster workflows for efficient functioning and enhanced productivity of day-to-day businesses.

Customer Sync

All the details of the customers such as name, address, ship-to address, customer ID, and more are synced from BigCommerce to P21.

Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Order Sync

Order details such as name, ship-to address, product info, and so on, are synced real-time after the order is placed in BigCommerce.

Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Offline Orders Sync

The orders that are placed offline are also set to sync from P21 to BigCommerce so there exists a single source of truth throughout.

 Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Dynamic Quote

If a specific customer wants to know the price of a product, a dynamic quote is generated from P21, thereby solving customer clarifications too.

Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Inventory Sync

The real-time stock levels that exist in the warehouse are set to sync from P21 to BigCommerce to be updated on when the next order is to be made.

 Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Order Processing Sync

After the order is generated in the frontend, an ID for the same along with a status update and acknowledgment is done in the ERP for customers.

Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Pricing Sync

JIS asked for a Dynamic Pricing Sync from P21 towards BigCommerce so that there is a differentiation in prices based on the customers logged in.

Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Benefits of BigCommerce and P21 Integration

Dynamic Pricing Sync gives JIS the ability to adapt, and position themselves wherever they want, sell products with less effort, and improve profitability whenever they can. This was a hurdle JIS was facing before they opted for DCKAP Integrator for ERP and eCommerce Integration.

Now that all the critical data points are connected for JIS, faster workflows cease to exist so they can get a lot done in a lesser time. The earlier troubling factor – Manual Work – too had now been eliminated thanks to the integrations which send and store data at both ends in real-time. DCKAP Integrator was happy to be associated with JIS and show them what they’ve been missing out on – Powerful integrations to propel the business forward.

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