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Kay Lighting

Kay Lighting

Unified critical use-cases with Magento P21 integration to help make data-driven decisions.

About Kay Lighting

Since 1947, Kay Lighting has been a curated destination for discovering creative and distinctive lighting solutions to transform any environment.

Kay Lighting’s mission has always been to improve lives through the power and individuality of lighting, a trusted resource to elevate any experience from “seeing better” to “living better.”

Through their artisan and vendor partnerships, our collections of timeless and updated classics provide a unique vision of unmatched design and unparalleled quality.


eCommerce: Magento

Cohesive user experience for customers at every digital touchpoint with a consistent experience across all channels to transcend visitors into customers and buyers into repeat buyers – This is precisely what Kay Lighting has been achieving with their online store built on Magento.

ERP: Prophet 21 (P21)

Kay Lighting had Prophet 21 (P21) ERP implemented in their backend to help their company reach a new level of success with complete visibility of business processes to keep all data in one place of accuracy and decoupling business inefficiencies.

How It Started

As days go by, Manual data entry will be a tiring task to your employees and might be more difficult to handle, especially if you are a brand vying to scale up soon. Then, this is a roadblock. For sure.

Automating data entry between your ERP and eCommerce store is a key factor in your business success. There are plenty of examples and reasons why integrating both will effectively pedal your business into the next level of growth.

Companies can define their use cases and connect between the endpoints exponentially to help to streamline business operations, homing in on and benefiting from their niche, without much entanglement.

Kay Lighting understood the wonder that beholds within ERP eCommerce is Integration and contacted DCKAP Integrator to bring both together.

Business Requirements

Product data flows in from different sources and different devices all the time and it is essential all the information is kept track to address the ever-growing customer needs. Understanding the need for a single source of truth across all channels by providing consistent data, Kay Lighting contacted DCKAP Integrator to bring their business functionality data seamlessly into the systems by connecting their eCommerce store, Magento with ERP, Prophet 21. With this in mind, we’ve integrated the following business use cases.


72% percent of B2B customers prefer the convenience of online purchasing. And this is a stat not to be taken lightly. That being said, Kay Lighting wanted to meet the demands of the customers’ – fulfillment capabilities, inventory visibility, data synchronization, and better convenience, to both buyers and sellers for data accuracy and making informed decisions with actionable insights at their fingertips. Go ahead and explore the business use cases that synced and implemented for our client, Kay Lighting, using DCKAP Integrator – the Enterprise ERP Integration Platform.

Customer Sync

The details of customers were set to sync from Magento to Prophet 21, which includes key data like name, address, and other essential information. Every time a new customer is created or updated, the sync sets in place.

Data Flow: Magento to P21

Line Items Sync

Close to 400,000 products, on a daily basis, along with attributes and details are synced from Prophet 21 to Magento. In case products run out of the stock, the expected availability date will be displayed.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Inventory Sync

Since there will be a daily change, the Inventory Data was synced from Prophet 21 to Magento to create and maintain an accurate, up-to-date estimate thereby providing a clear-cut view to the sellers.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Order Sync

After a customer buys in Magento, the order along with the relevant details will be made to appear in the ERP as well. This way, the company can maintain and keep a tab on all the orders at any time.

Data Flow: Magento to P21

Order Processing Sync

Once the order data is entered into the ERP, shipment, and invoice will henceforth be put in place to enhance customer experience by delivering the products on time to the customers.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Pricing Sync

Since Kay Lighting also being a dealer that collaborates with multiple manufacturers, the price ought to change often and DCKAP Integrator ensures the latest-updated price is reflected on the Magento online store.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Post-Integration Scenario: Magento + P21

Now is the time for businesses to understand the implications of not integrating and the need to implement data-sync to leverage their company. ERP eCommerce Integration has reinvented how brands interact and improve customer experience across all aspects of the buyer journey. And Kay Lighting is no exception. The integrations that DCKAP Integrator offered them are already pivoting their business with a perfect blend of consistent data across all systems. Our client will no longer have to spend time entering manual data or worry about thinking if the data is consistent across all channels. Furthermore, saving time, efforts, and much more.

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