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Mae Fine Foods

Mae Fine Foods

Corporate Gifting Made Simple And Easy.


Enhanced design and added features for multi-address shipping

MAE Fine Foods is a family-run business based out of Avondale, Arizona. The company emerged a year ago out of the family’s love for delectable chocolates. With passion, commitment, and quality as their core values, the company takes gift giving to the next level. Bonbons and Macarons, of different flavors and exotic taste, are ready to be gifted to friends, family, employees, and customers. Corporate Gifting is an integral part of the current website - providing hassle-free ordering and shipping to multiple addresses.

mae fine foods_dckap work

We revamped the website to a marketplace solely concentrated on exotic, luscious corporate gifts; built custom boxes with likable flavors; allowed companies to add their list of clients and ship to them simultaneously.


Designed a simple, eye-catching website interface that every confectionery lover would go WOW seeing.


Implemented Box-Macarons and Box-Bonbons, where customers can personalize their box with different flavors of delectable macarons and bonbons they love.


Provided a solution to add a list of client addresses (CSV format) and implemented multiple-address shipping orders. Thankfully, the tedious process of manually adding the address one by one is simplified now.


Magento Quickbooks Integration

As mentioned earlier, MAE Fine Foods provides Multi-address shipping option to the customers, which allows him/her to upload a CSV file with multiple shipping addresses. However, there started a problem: handling multi-address shipping means up in shipping to different cities across the map incurring different shipping rates and varying taxes. DCKAP achieved the solution for this problem by employing a seamless integration between Magento-powered frontend and Quickbooks-powered backend. This integration allowed rapid transfer of data such as city-based Shipping rate (FedEx Ground), city-based tax calculations, payments, products, orders, and lot more. With this integration, MAE Fine Foods is now effortlessly addressing a ton of customers per month shipping their delicacies across the country.

magento quickbooks integration
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