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Getting It Right – Salesforce CRM and Epicor P21 ERP Integration. Read The Story.

About Nalpac

Nalpac has been a trusted wholesale source in the Adult Toy and Gift Market for 49 years. They are a full-line distributor that supports brick & mortar stores, internet businesses, home party professionals, adult bookstores, and lingerie boutiques. They offer competitive pricing on products and shipping worldwide and provide simple solutions for drop-shipping and fulfillment services. Nalpac is headquartered in Ferndale, Michigan, just north of Detroit.

Their Midwest location allows customers to benefit by receiving their orders within 1-3 days of shipping and stocking over 15,000 items in their 160,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse complex, they take great pride in finding smaller, unique manufacturers with distinctive product lines and exclusives for Nalpac.


Salesforce CRM

Nalpac is using Salesforce to connect and channelize with every customer. Salesforce is a CRM system that has been complementing Nalpac by allowing them to track the entire customer funnel with multiple functions like automating customer management, reducing administrative burden, and thereby creating better relationships with customers and prospects.

ERP Software

Nalpac is using Epicor P21 for managing their backend business operations – a solid technology foundation that can store, scale, and help businesses expand without substantial system modifications. P21 also lets to reduce litigation costs besides eliminating unnecessary operations and data.

Challenges Faced

They faced growth roadblocks with the earlier ERP, as it was not user friendly and deemed to be slow. And they wanted Salesforce ERP Integration to fulfill all the expectations of their customers and their entire company itself, to further prevent the below challenges that stood as a barrier:

  • Assigning orders to salespeople
  • Data volume was huge
  • Transferring data to Salesforce
  • Checking customers and orders data for Sales Reps
  • Data sync was consuming a lot of time
  • Unable to access the required data at the required time
Business Requirements

On the business forefront, Nalpac wanted to automate data transfer and synchronize details of Orders and Customers to manage all leads, opportunities, and deals at one centralized platform. Furthermore, their volume of data was huge, and they wanted DCKAP Integrator to come with a solution for seamless data transfer that does not consume a lot of time and data. Also, they needed to link Sales Rep IDs to the respective accounts.


DCKAP Integrator wanted to identify, understand, and assist our clients in solving their pain points so that they’d never have to worry about losing revenue due to incoherent data sync. Here are the Integration Solutions (being) offered by DCKAP Integrator to help Nalpac find more success in the following times:

Customer Sync

Whenever a new customer is created in Epicor P21 ERP, it will be synced to Salesforce as an Account. Likewise, every time a fresh contact is created or updated in P21, the same will be created as a contact in Salesforce to fit their business needs best.

Data Flow: Epicor P21 to Salesforce

Line Items Sync

Salesforce has a cap of letting in 100 fields at a time, but since the line items count is more than 100, DCKAP Integrator integrated with a custom-built solution relating all line items with the concerned order. Also, the Create, Update, and Delete happens in both Customer and Contact.

Data Flow: Epicor P21 to Salesforce

Order Sync

The details of orders as and when created or updated in Epicor P21 ERP will be synced as an Opportunity in Salesforce, and for every order, the user can know which account it comes under. Also, the Sales Rep data will be synced – the owner of the order.

Data Flow: Epicor P21 to Salesforce

Bulk API

The sheer volume and amount of data were huge. To tackle this complexity and sync – DCKAP Integrator uploaded all the data in the .csv file, making it easier now for data upload. This way of synchronization proved to be a significant time-saver as well as processed orders faster than before.

Sales Rep ID

All the sales reps usually have a standard ID serving needs for Epicor P21 and Salesforce. And using that ID, we have synced data so the client can access who is responsible for the specific product whenever a new account or contact is created in P21.

Data Flow: Epicor P21 to Salesforce




Epicor Prophet 21




Salesforce & P21


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