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Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Winning In ECommerce By Integrating Magento 2 With P21.

About the Client:

Santa Cruz Bicycles was founded in 1994 in a space the size of a single car garage in the Seabright Cannery, in Santa Cruz, California.

They are founded on one objective: to make mountain bikes that are “Simply Advanced”. Pioneering technology that results in bikes that perform exceptionally well.

Every model is built to custom specifications by skilled bike fans who understand and appreciate our products. Their obsession with quality translates to making better experiences for riders.

They believe bikes are a force for good so they foster responsible attitudes towards trails, business operations, employees and the people that ride Santa Cruz Bicycles.


Magento 2


Santa Cruz Bicycles

about Santa Cruz Bicycles

The Journey To Excellence

Mountain Biking is one of the best ways to connect, live, be, amidst nature, and away from the city’s hustle. It takes you out of the office, out of your house and into the serenity of life — it is just you and the world around you, together in a state of flow.

Off late, the numbers of people taking up this adventure sport have increased, and Santa Cruz Bicycles have been in the forefront manufacturing quality cycles suitable for mountain biking from 1994, with one objective: to make mountain bikes that are “Simply Advanced”.

DCKAP journey with Santa Cruz Bicycles began when they approached us wanting to build two new separate and diverse profit-making online stores for their B2B and B2C customers. Along with the stores, they wanted the switch to M2, with the business-necessary integrations to ensure optimal performance and alluring online stores that would provide delightful shopping experiences for the customers.

Santa Cruz Bicycles, being in the industry from 1994 and carving out a niche for themselves in providing quality mountain bikes, DCKAP wanted to offer them nothing short of what we call ‘world-class’.

We wanted everything to be top-notch. Of course, there were boulders of challenges that came inroads during our journey to excellence. But what joy is, if not for a few barriers here and there, that necessitate being broken for the path of bloom that awaits ahead.

Working closely with Magento has been one of the several signi ficant advances for DCKAP in taking this collaboration forward.

For over a decade, DCKAP has worked with umpteen numbers of clients, and Santa Cruz Bicycles always holds a special place in our hearts because of the sheer effort and passion we share together to make life and online shopping more accessible, better, and faster.

Without much ado, let’s get into understanding everything — from integrations to features — that DCKAP did, for Santa Cruz Bicycles.

The Solution Suite

An exclusive site for B2B buying and a super cool online store for B2C buying – that’s what Santa Cruz Bicycles Dreamt. That’s what DCKAP delivered.

After a complete understanding of the business, we laid out a plan that could meet the transformative process Santa Cruz Bicycles needed to stay ahead of the competition.

B2B Integrations for Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles b2b integrations


It is the customers who bring in sales. One cannot afford to lie low when it comes and handling customer data. Especially B2B customers.

We integrated SAP with Magento where all the customers stored in SAP Database will be synced with the Magento store. All customers need to do in login, explore and order. It’s that simple. Or in other words, we made it simple.


When a B2B customer does not see the product they expected, it’s adverse news, for you and the company. So, we did three exclusive integrations with products to ensure both the site and the customers are upkeep.

  • Products Master Data
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Inventory

Products Master Data: We have integrated all the details of product data which comprises name, SKU, description, and other attributes with the Magento front-end so that not even one tiny detail is off sight.

Dynamic Pricing: In B2B, no one price suits all. When a B2B customer logs-in, the pricing will not be generic and will vary according to the price that was preset for the customer in hindsight. The pricing changes are instantly reflected.

Inventory: Santa Cruz had their products placed in multiple warehouses. So, what we did was integrate all the available products on the listing page. This way, buyers can know how many quantities are left and makes buying easier.

Santa Cruz Bicycles products_dynamci pricing
Santa Cruz Bicycles orders


Low effort experience is what every buyer expects. And we have made it possible by offering a streamlined shopping process. The standout feature is B2B customers can place orders anytime. Even if the products are out of stock, the customer can go ahead and order. The team in the backend ensures the necessary quantity is ready by the time of delivery.

There is also only one-way sync between Magento to SAP after/during the orders are made (or being made).

Another unique feature that we added is ‘Order Reprocessing.’ All the orders placed on Magento will be auto-synced to SAP. However, in some scenarios, the orders do not get synced on SAP due to some technical errors. In such times, the orders do not get lost.

Instead, we have created a database in Magento that stores all such sync-failed orders. With the given Admin Code, the Admin can log in and see the failed order with the reason why the sync never happened. From there, Admins can manually sync the orders again with SAP. Thanks to this feature, Merchants can have zero worries about losing track of orders in the ocean.


B2B customers can view their orders, payment status and transactions from the Reports Integration feature we included. All the details will be on display in the form of reports: Order Reports, Invoice Reports, and Payment Reports.

Santa Cruz Bicycles reports

B2B Exclusive Features for Santa Cruz Bicycles

B2B customers can view their orders, payment status and transactions from the Reports Integration feature we included. All the details will be on display in the form of reports: Order Reports, Invoice Reports, and Payment Reports.

No Guest Login

To avoid duplication, unwanted burden on the merchants and to ensure only genuine customers make it to the final, we have not given access to a guest login. Only B2B Merchants who have their accounts registered in SAP can log in and explore the products.

Product Listing Page Customization

All the products displayed are based on dynamic pricing and exclusion list. A specific B2B buyer can only see the pricing Santa Cruz has set for them. And if any bikes are excluded for their viewing, they shall not be displayed for that particular buyer. Also, the Lazy Loader option has been enabled that makes the page look elegant by displaying products, only a handful at a time.

Shopping List

All the products displayed are based on dynamic pricing and exclusion list. A specific B2B buyer can only see the pricing Santa Cruz has set for them. And if any bikes are excluded for their viewing, they shall not be displayed for that particular buyer.

Viewer Accounts

If you are having an account and want others to check out the bicycles, you can create a Viewer Account that lets the person(s) you give access to check out the website. With this feature, the person logged in Viewer Account can explore everything, but cannot add to cart or place an order.

Sales Rep

What some B2B merchants do is hire a Sales Rep who takes care of placing the orders online and ensures the order is for delivery. We have given a Sales rep feature option – the Rep cannot place an order. However, after the Rep logs in to their account, they have to enter into the merchant’s account from where they can make and place orders online.

Shipping Method

Based on the request, we’ve given two shipping methods of delivery – Default Shipping and Will Call Shipping (i.e.) Store Pickup. For Store Pickup, the tax will be automatically calculated based on the location of Santa Cruz Bicycles’ warehouse.

Online Store for B2C Buying

eCommerce is the future. And the future is indeed eCommerce.

The ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce will shape the world of online shopping and revolutionize the way people shop.

DCKAP wanted to build a genuinely world-class for B2C buying ft. Santa Cruz Bicycles. Right from the time a visitor enters the site until the checkout, we wanted to exceed customers’ expectations at every digital touchpoint.

Please take a look at the B2C Integrations and Features we have included to shape the online store they way Santa Cruz Bicycles envisioned.

santa cruz_online store for b2c buying
online store for b2c buying_santa cruz

B2C Integrations for Santa Cruz Bicycles


We integrated and synced customers from Magento to SAP. After customers place their first order, the account gets created in SAP. And until then, there would not be any specific user-account for the shopper. Apart from this, the default billing address and email address will be synced from Magento to SAP.


Being a B2C site, there would be a lot of visitors who check out the products. But all don’t buy. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to display all the products in the frontend.

The Products Integrations we did are Product Master Data where all the information associated with the product will be put on display; Inventory Integration and the Pricing Integration where the prices of all products have been synced along with the discounts and offers, if any.


Orders, after placed in the Magento site, will be auto-synced in SAP. Whereas, the order status update will be upgraded from SAP to Magento every 15 minutes.

Also, the association of Sales Order Simulation comes in handy at such times. If there is no stock in the inventory, the customer will not be able to make a purchase and will be disabled from doing so.

Say, a shopper wants four mountain bikes, but only three are available in stock. The customer won’t be able to complete the order. However, if the customer reduces the quantity by one, then, the customer can proceed to the checkout. This is to keep the customer aware of the products in stock.


With the assistance of Drupal, we have integrated the same menu from the core Santa Cruz Bicycles website. Bikes, Wheels, Paydirt, Gear, Teams, News, and Demo – we have incorporated everything listed with zero data loss migration.


First impressions matter! And we wanted to ensure the online store is full of grandiose and grandeur to captivate the visitor right from the moment they step in until the conversion of the customer happens. We have built the best themes in tandem with industry standards.

Payment Processing

You cannot take chances on this element. Everyone wants a fast check- out experience, and we made it possible with Worldpay Payment Pro- cessing Integration. This is not available in Magento, and we had to cus- tomize it to suit the payment needs of Santa Cruz Bicycles.


Two shipment methods are made available. One is UPS – United Parcel Service. And the other, Will Call Shipping – buyer’s themselves can pick up the bicycle from the warehouse and have a nice ride home in the brandishing new bicycle.

Low Effort Experience

The designs are aesthetic and alluring. The product listing page is neatly decked and categorized. The content is accurate, and the pictures are vibrant. Buyers can easily navigate through the site to find what they search for. And the checkout is easy, fast. We have made it simpler, sweeter, and that’s what we call a perfect low effort experience.

Exclusive B2C Features For Santa Cruz Bicycles

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