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Santoro London

Santoro London

With integrated applications, Santoro London reduced operational level complexity and made informed decisions.

About Santoro London

Santoro London is a lifestyle fashion accessory company founded by Lucio and Meera Santoro in 1985. They won numerous design accolades including “Card of the Year”, “Most Creative Use of Paper” and an “Art Director” award. Their ever-expanding collection currently features over 800 products and is available in more than 55 countries around the world.

In a little studio tucked away in a little street off the iconic Carnaby Street in London, two individuals had a BIG idea. With Meera’s innate all-round design prowess and her eclectic tastes and Lucio’s fascination for design, innovation and the challenge of breaking new boundaries they found themselves starting a journey that would take them from that tiny studio to over 60 countries around the globe, winning 50 international design awards and accolades along the way.


eCommerce: BigCommerce

Currently, Santoro is running their online business with a website built on BigCommerce premise. By designing an empowering and enchanting online store, Santoro was virtually able to speak to their visitors and effortlessly convert them into customers. With an industry experience of nearly 25 years, their name was a brand in itself.

ERP: SAP Business One

Streamlining key processes, gaining more significant insights, and better operational visibility – Managing Santoro’s inventory in the backend, with features like these, did not seem to be an arduous task having SAP Business One ERP they rely on to run their business. This ERP offers considerably more out-of-the-box capabilities than other players.

Business Challenges

Data entry plays a crucial role in the digital age. Despite the availability of automated data entry software, this is a function that remained manual for a long time. The sooner business switches to automation, the best it is for businesses – Adapting and advancing with the technological shift, we say.

Santoro London understood the importance of automating the data entry process and umpteen benefits that come along with the integration and thereby decided to eliminate manual data entry along with the complexities associated with them.

Earlier, Santoro London was manually entering data which is prone to demerits like data errors, inconsistent data, time-consuming, and so on. Also, data entry when inaccurately registered; the repercussions for business can be costly.

Manual data entry is a slow process and leaves room for error. Santoro London decided not to, anymore!

Business Requirements

Santoro London wanted to harness the power of integration to free up their employees’ time for increased productivity in other important tasks and focus on accelerating their sales. They approached DCKAP Integrator to integrate their eCommerce store, BigCommerce, and their ERP, SAP Business One (SAP B1) with important business use cases to ensure continual data synchronization between the systems to and forth.


Agile and seamless data sync between their two systems and precisely this was what DCKAP Integrator set out to achieve for our client, Santoro London. With powerful integrations in place to reduce operational-level complexity, we wanted to streamline information, help them to make informed decisions with constant insights, effectively engage with customers, and above all: offer them the ability to sell more with sleek system integrations. Check out the business use cases implemented for Santoro London with DCKAP Integrator, an enterprise integration platform.

Customers Sync

New customers when created on BigCommerce – their data will be taken to SAP B1. Customers are differentiated as B2B or B2C in BigCommerce. Afterwards, only B2B Customer and Address Details will be synced and not B2C customer details, based on the client’s request.

Data Flow: BigCommerce to SAP Business One

Products Sync

The information of every product that is created or updated in SAP Business One will be fetched to BigCommerce, which includes product details, pricing, and inventory details. This way of sync helps brands to monitor and manage their products in a hassle-free way.

Data Flow: SAP Business One to BigCommerce

Inventory Sync

Real-time inventory syncing across physical and digital channels to keep track of inventory levels. DCKAP Integrator made sure all the inventory updated products in SAP Business One will be synced with BigCommerce. This includes product inventory details as well for better control.

Data Flow: SAP Business One to BigCommerce

Order Sync

Orders, along with relevant data like customer details, product details, tax, pricing, discount, shipping, and billing address, will be synced from BigCommerce to SAP B1. Unpaid Orders (‘Awaiting Payment’ Status) will be synced to SAP B1 Sales Quotation. And Paid Orders (‘Awaiting Fulfilment’ Status) will be synced to the Sales Order Module.

Data Flow: BigCommerce to SAP Business One

Order Process Sync

The status of orders that were placed on BigCommerce will be accumulated in SAP B1. And in turn, details such as order status, tracking numbers, shipment details will be fetched to BigCommerce. This sync happens seamlessly and swiftly, thereby elevating the fulfilment process.

Data Flow: SAP Business One to BigCommerce

Incoming Payment Receipt Sync

After the order is paid, the payment details are brought from BigCommerce to SAP B1 where the incoming payment receipt will be generated for further perusal and shall be stored.

Data Flow: BigCommerce to SAP Business One

BigCommerce and SAP Business One: Post-Integration Scenario

DCKAP Integrator promptly developed enriching solutions to Santoro London’s complex problems, thereby discharging manual data entry to see an improvement in the company’s overall productivity. Now, they will no longer have to worry about delay in data entry or inconsistent information across multiple channels. With robust integration directly syncing data of BigCommerce and SAP Business One, Santoro London now is in an advantageous position to streamline operations and sell effectively.

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