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Star Sales

Star Sales

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Star Sales

Star Sales is a leading national distributor of fasteners, power tools and construction supplies. Founded in 1922, by Harry Star, it originated as a neighborhood hardware store in downtown Boston. Their goal is to become a leading national distributor of construction supplies and materials by providing our customers with a broad spectrum of high quality, complimentary products at a competitive price while maintaining the highest level of customer service and convenience.

Business Requirements

Starsales were using P21 as their ERP system and built their eCommerce store on the powerful Magento platform to supercharge their chances of being successful in a market space like this. In their quest to maintain a well-established business and remain competitive in the relevant times, they wanted to connect their backend system and eliminate data silos. Starsales got in touch with DCKAP Integrator for integrating ERP with eCommerce that allows them to be more competent in business – to track all essential data like customer details, items, order shipping/tracking, inventory linked to systems, and more.

Integration Solutions

Integrating the eCommerce platform with an ERP ensured Stalescanes can automate many manual processes to reduce human errors. The following are the business use cases DCKAP Integrator integrated for the business to achieve efficiency and ensured real-time data is available all the time.

Customer Sync

Bidirectional sync has been integrated which ensures the data flows and gets connected at both ERP and the eCommerce storefront.

Data Flow: Magento < > P21

Product Sync

Every detail of all the products that are up for sale, is updated periodically at regular set intervals by the DCKAP Integrator connector.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Inventory Sync

The current inventory levels that exist in the warehouses are updated in the eCommerce store so the sellers and buyers are aware of the same.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Order Sync

After customers choose the product and place the order in the eCommerce store, the details of the same are updated in the ERP.

Data Flow: Magento > P21

Pricing Sync

Dynamic pricing sync has been set in place. Different prices of products based on the customer will be fetched and displayed in the forefront.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Benefits of Magento P21 Integration

DCKAP Integrator connectors automated all areas of the business from control over their data integrations to business process planning and further analysis of the results. This will help the team at Starsales to send information between departments much easier and more accurately. And eliminating manual entry errors by efficient integrations. Also, the integration at key data points ensured the creation of a common system that supports all touchpoints, is consistent and interconnects all the data to eCommerce and ERP.




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