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Creating Customized Products And Increasing Sales With BigCommerce.

OUR WORK: StationeryXpress

Family owned and operated for over 25 years, StationeryXpress is the easiest way to order high-quality personalized stationery, napkins & gifts online. The customer simply selects a design that’s right for him/her, and StationeryXpress does the rest! StationeryXpress focuses on providing the customer with incredible high-quality stationery choices at affordable prices. When it’s time for personalized stationery or personalized gifts StationeryXpress is the right place.

  • Implementation, integration and deployment of Productimize (product configurator)




StationeryXpress dckap

Creating Cards - Personal, Easy, and Convenient

Sending Gift cards with a personal touch through an e-Commerce website is always a challenge for both customers and merchants. Printing Gift cards and stamps being a primary business for StationeryXpress had the same challenges. After several lookups for solutions, they found Productimize which they felt can resolve most of their complex custom solutions and business challenges.

Key Business Requests

  • Simplify customization steps
  • Visually appealing for the customers
  • Manage complex pricing rules
  • Specific fonts selection
  • Handle ink colors for the text
  • Gift Wrapping
StationeryXpress dckap work

The user flow was designed to make the custom purchase simpler. Sleek UI enhances the customer experience. The convenience of creating a personalized product online helps to improve sales and increase the customer loyalty.


Through Productimize, we designed a simpler process by eliminating unnecessary steps. Productimize provided a natural user flow for the customers to follow the customization steps and understand business rules.


Our goal was simple - provide the best User Experience so that the customers can easily understand the customization steps and place an order. The flexibility of Productimize allowed us to configure the UI and the visuals easily for both customers and merchant.


As customers design their products/cards, the pricing needs to be calculated dynamically based on different selections customers make - like choosing envelope lining color or border color. Considering all these factors, Productimize provided them with different rules of pricing by directly connecting with BigCommerce product pricing section.


Generally, customizations will have a limited set of fonts for all the custom products, however in this case as it involved multiple vendors we needed to have different fonts set for products which we were able to support through productimize.


Ink colors for the texts can be assigned by the merchant based on the colors that are available with the vendors for printing. Productimize guided the customer by helping them choose the right inks which the vendors can fulfill.


After the product is customized based on customer inputs, Productimize captures all the information and passes it to Cart page, Checkout page, and Order page to give the relevant and the right information to the manufacturer to fulfill the order seamlessly.

Before Implementing Productimize

The process of customizing the cards was complex and not user-friendly leading customers to postpone or suspend their buying decisions.

StationeryXpress DCKAP work StationeryXpress
After Implementing Productimize

The buyer journey was simplified making the selection of product choices easier and elevating customer loyalty/ engagement and boost sales.

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