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T.J. Snow


Streamlined operations for efficient collaboration with Magento P21 integration.

About T. J. Snow

T. J. Snow is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of new and used spot welders, welder controls, and seam weld heads, transformers, parts, and supplies.

Utilizing 50 years of experience, T. J. Snow Company is recognized as a full-service leader in the resistance welding industry. Their reputation is built on the types of turn-key products that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, innovation, and cost. Apart from Resistance Welding Parts and Supplies, they also offer three standard machine designs with Slim Line Pedestal-type Spot & Projection Welders, Heavy Duty Projection and Spot Welders, and Standard Multi-Gun “Lean Machines”.

Rocker Arm
Champion Products DCKAP


eCommerce: Magento 2

T. J. Snow built a comprehensive eCommerce store on Magento to enable their business growth, as they needed an online platform with enriching expertise to showcase their products and sell as much as they had hands-on expertise in manufacturing welding parts and their supplements.

ERP: Prophet 21 (P21)

T. J. Snow was using Prophet 21 (P21) ERP for managing all their backend operations and bringing all the business processes together to amplify business operations in real-time and help the company make data-driven decisions, at all times.

How it started

T. J. Snow chose to work with DCKAP, an enterprise eCommerce solution provider, to design and develop their brand new online store on Magento 2. The plan was to build an online store that would provide seamless shopping feels and elevates the overall customer experience.

After building a profitable digital storefront, they decided to integrate the new Magento 2 online store with Prophet 21. Tight integration between your eCommerce and ERP helps to reduce complex logics and eases maintenance of operations in B2B customers’ journeys.

The major components of this (or any) integration include automatic data exchange, process management, activity monitoring, and ecosystem management. And DCKAP Integrator was in a comprehensive position to help T. J. Snow sell smarter and better with robust integrations.

T. J. Snow understood the underlying capabilities of integrations and wanted to launch the online store with necessary integrations in place to deliver consistent information and improve customer-focused operations.

Target & Integration Challenges
ERP Business Requirements

Business Requirements

When tedious tasks take too much time, the essential ones may get unnoticed. And that is a barrier every brand has to go through. Whereas, automated data entry helps to save time so more employees can focus on achieving bigger business goals at stake. Sounds too good to be true, right? T. J. Snow wanted to integrate its ERP (Prophet 21) with eCommerce (Magento 2) and approached DCKAP Integrator to get the job done. They wanted to synchronize the data flow between products, customers, orders, pricing, and more, about which the details are divulged below.


The beginning of evolution, for any company, comes when they realize changing the present is the only way forward. Functionality lack, outdated software, or time-consuming data entry—reasons like these don’t get bought, especially when you are in a tight-knit competitive field. T. J. Snow wanted to eliminate repetitive processes that significantly reduce the need to depend on another human to get work done. In contrast, the same can be done with a powerful and robust ERP – eCommerce Integration for collective information at a single space, mobility, and increased customer satisfaction.

Customers Sync

Every time a new customer is created in Magento, the customer details will be taken from and updated in Prophet 21 ERP to give a complete view of all the customers’ data in one place with instantaneous access.

Data Flow: Magento to P21

Inventory Sync

DCKAP Integrator synced inventory details, stock quantity, and so on, from Prophet 21 ERP with Magento to provide a real-time integrated view of inventory to build accurate inventory forecasts, and make informed buying decisions.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Order Processing Sync

Once the order is synced in ERP, DCKAP Integrator sets up a use case to create invoices followed by processing the shipment method for order fulfillment. These details will be created in P21 and will be sent to Magento.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Status Availability Update

If the items are out of stock in ERP, a notification mail will be sent to the client about the availability status of the inventory. This way, they need not spend time checking ERP. Making it simple with DCKAP Integrator, as much as possible.

Products Sync

All the information related to the products (descriptions, specifications, catalog, etc.) is synchronized to Magento from Prophet 21 ERP. New product sets will be created if the stock is void in ERP.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Order Sync

After a customer places an order in Magento, the details will be synced to Prophet 21 ERP to maintain a complete picture of all the orders. Any orders placed without any login will be created under one default customer in P21.

Data Flow: Magento to P21

Pricing Sync

Whatever the base price is in ERP, the same will be synced with the online store to help better serve customers with consistent data across all the channels and pages where the products are put for sale.

Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Post-Integration Scenario: Magento + P21

The integrations by DCKAP Integrator ensure that T. J. Snow can expand its business footprint and leverage efficiency, increase productivity, and streamline business processes. The team at T. J. Snow can now avoid manual data entry as everything is automated. Even if new customers or products come in, T. J. Snow need not worry about handling the data in multiple places as DCKAP Integrator takes care of communicating data to and fro between ERP and eCommerce thereby ensuring an uninterrupted flow of data in real-time.

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