Client overview

C-Line Products, Inc. is a leading B2B and B2C provider for plastic storage, organization items as well as identification products. Their main client base belongs to the office products industry. Situated in Mount Prospect IL, they have streamlined their corporate functioning and distribution facility here. C-Line Products has been in the business for 70 years. Their repository of products ranges from sheet protectors, media storage products, report covers amongst many others.

However, while their customer service is unparalleled with a proud single shipment fill rate over 99.6% boasting of a quick turnaround time, their eCommerce front was still conventional and traditional.We aimed at a migration of data spanning worth seventy years since they have been in the business. Additionally, we prioritized a smooth front end; here are the highlights of the project:

  • Design & development of eCommerce website
  • Optimization of page load speeds
  • Implementation of a dealer locator with multiple locations across the country
  • Seamless migration to Magento 2 with the integration of the Epicor P21 system.
  • WorldPay Integration
  • Effortless checkout with online shopping experience
  • FlexiPIM

Magento 2.4

Case study


Project highlights

With migration of data worth 70 years plus aiming at a smooth frontend, here are the primary implementations we carried out for this project:

Customer Registration: Registration forms were made differently for both B2B and B2C- with both online and offline sync.

Menu navigation: Implementation of the same menu navigation using mega menu in Magento 2.x. for both B2B & B2C websites.

Product Search: ElasticSearch was integrated so that the users could look up products using attributes, synonyms & stop words for both B2B and B2C websites. We also integrated search auto suggestions with functionality in the search input box.

Product detail page: The user can access the product detail page by clicking on a product from the product listing page. We offer our price and bulk price keeping in mind varying customer interests.

Checkout & Payments system: We zeroed in on WorldPay for checkout and payment gateway system for seamless checkout process. This gateway was made available for both credit cards and other payment methods.

Shipping: The client partnered with FedEx to deliver all the products to B2B and B2C Users.

Exemption: Our Tax Exemption extension is used to manage tax exemption certificates from customer accounts and provide tax-free benefits for eligible customers.

Challenges we faced

One of our biggest challenges was to implement a dealer locator with multiple locations across the country. Additionally, the structure, layout and functionality of the website was set with some old systems and we built it with current industry standards.

Our biggest challenge and favorite part of implementing this project was to cater equally to both B2B and B2C consumers- as both require different expertise and we were able to attain both! The eCommerce integration for Magento 2 and P21 helped us attain a seamless migration too and ultimately, choosing the right payment gateway for a client as vast as this was also something we achieved successfully.


Third party integrations

At DCKAP, we believe in creating eCommerce ecosystems. We wanted to inculcate some highly specialized plug-ins that cater to every kind of business operation that was based on C-Line’s needs. The Magento 2 Developers at DCKAP implemented the following third-party integrations/extensions:

– Cloras to manage eCommerce integration for Magento 2 and P21
– FlexiPIM for listing out the right product details
– WorldPay integration

Key takeaways

We managed to combine the following while delivering this product:

A Clear and Effortless Website

Having an effective web design is essential for any B2B company. We wanted the website to convey the brand at its finest. The UX experience was improved by using a straightforward approach. We aimed to:

  • Instantly capture the attention of the visitor.
  • Assist the visitor in perceiving what product, service, or solution the company is providing.
  • Be visually engaging.
  • Achieve a lower bounce rate from the users through complex navigations and category pages.
  • Select a web design that would save time for the visitors and help them with quick buys.
  • Perfect categorization of different industries and easily navigable product categories.

Seamless Integration of Data through Cloras

C-line has been built up as an online store using Magento 2. To combine their online and offline channels, we integrated their site with a seamless Magento P21 Integration using our product CLORAS. This allows the business to provide their B2B customers with an omnichannel experience.

The features that have been integrated with Magento Open Source for C-Line are as follows:

  • Customer Approval Login
  • Order Processing
  • Customer Processing
  • Product Sync

Overall, the project was carried out by our Magento experts while prioritizing the needs of the client and ensuring the most profitable eCommerce features for a brand as established as C-line!

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