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It is always a delight to work with eCommerce brands that are creating products for a certain demographic. Cateye America was one such project that our team undertook. This entity is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, reflectors, and lights- targeting the requirements of cyclists across the globe.

Founded nearly 80 years ago in the year 1946, the company was born in Osaka, Japan. This is perhaps where we can source back its love for innovation and technology. They are known for their progressive research and design, with in house engineers. It is also a leading expert in retro reflective molding. The primary aim behind approaching us was to list out a wide range of reflectors and plenty of other products to reach a much wider audience.

Cateye is also a provider of road safety reflectors and lighting solutions. When they came to us, they already had a platform, but it wasn’t yielding them the required results. Here is how we combined the power of CLORAS and BigCommerce to yield a better reach for their consumer base and get ongoing upward revenue trends:

  • Customer Email sync from Bigcommerce to Bronto
  • Migration from custom platform to BigCommerce
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Cateye America


eCommerce Store:
Cateye America had been running its eCommerce store on a custom-built platform and wanted to migrate to an easily manageable and robust platform. For this, we chose BigCommerce.

ERP Software:
The company uses Acumatica – a scalable application purposeful for industrial distribution and for managing their back end operations.

Challenges Faced

The company had its eCommerce platform on a custom-built platform. This stopped them from syncing with modern innovative technologies and also using the brilliant features offered by different eCommerce platforms. With the limitations on the platform, Cateye decided to go with BigCommerce – a leading e-Commerce software platform.

Major problems faced by the client were:

  • The major issue Cateye faced was the responsiveness across the website. They were looking to increase the usability for the customers.
  • With the custom-built platform, Cateye was facing limitations in multiple functionalities- especially the search and checkout feature.
  • One of the biggest challenges faced by our client was the syncing of customer email IDs to Bronto – an email marketing software. We used CLORAS to fix the problem of sending the IDs to Bronto, which the customer needed for their marketing strategy.

Business Requirements

The main primary business requirements presented by Cateye were:

  • Incorporating a new design to make the responsiveness of the website better.
  • Leveraging the default functionalities of BigCommerce to achieve better usability.
  • Migration from their custom platform to BigCommerce so as to get over the limitations.
  • Better usage of their ERP system and support for their marketing strategy with the use of expert data flow.


We primarily helped the client migrate their entire setup from their customer eCommerce platform to BigCommerce. This helped them enhance their listing, and made customer usability much easier with a more efficient search and checkout system. DCKAP also helped Cateye migrate the customer email ID’s to Bronto using CLORAS.

Customer Email Synchronization: The winner of the implementation
The up-to-date user emails were synced to Bronto. Emails in the newsletter in the footer or the newsletter signup pop-up, customer registration, and guest order were synced to Bronto using Cloras.

Bronto would not further utilize these ID’s for marketing emails.

Introducing different functionalities :

We integrated BigCommerce’s default search behavior and single page Checkout. Likewise, numerous default functionalities have been incorporated into the site which could have been unachievable with the existing platform.
We also used the following data flow: BigCommerce to Bronto

Key takeaways:

With this project, we successfully utilized beneficial features of BigCommerce to increase the website usability for the targeted consumer base of Cateye. The idea was to ensure that both search and checkout options were used efficiently. We also used CLORAS to set up a data flow which was required to fulfill the marketing strategy based on the customer data of the client.

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