About CyM Distributors

CyM Distributors is emerging as one of the biggest and constantly growing aftermarket auto parts wholesalers, situated in Puerto Rico. They have been serving the local as well as the Caribbean market since the year 1987. CyM Distributors more than 100,000 S.K.U. ‘s available in their repository for original and replacement parts. They serve parts for Jeep, Korean and Japanese cars in their large facilities.

Currently, CyM Distributors import directly from the best parts manufacturers from a host of locations. These span over Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Peru, China, Spain, USA, Italy, and other places with the primary objective of supplying a huge variety of quality part products for different clients in Puerto Rico as well as the Caribbean. With DCKAP on board, they were able to fulfill a host of eCommerce requirements and grow their business on the online front.

  • UX and UI
  • Magento 2 Implementation
  • Cloras Integration

Magento 2


CyM Distributors

The Integral Transformation

Instead of using an external platform/tool, CyM has directly been syncing their data using MySQL and were on the lookout for something that would solve their purpose of providing inputs and receiving outputs to a motor/automotive wiring diagram provider by analyzing their API.

They were also looking to implement a multiple invoice payment feature with 30-60 and 60-90 days options. Apart from syncing the products, they also wanted to sync the categories. And lastly, CyM required an addition of language inputs for English and Spanish (product titles, descriptions, and so on).

This is where DCKAP came into picture, and a Magento 2 website was created. We understood all the requirements of CyM and started to work on the deliverables as per what they needed. Every requirement was implemented, and their website was revamped.

An Augmented Online Experience

A good website elevates a business and helps the audience in perceiving the brand better. This, in turn, plays a significant role in increasing the lead flow, so it is essential to make sure that the website’s user experience is not just smooth but is also catchy.

  • Grab the user’s attention through varied details in the design
  • Easily convey the product, service, or solution provided by the company
  • Create an uncomplicated visual that’s comfortably visible to the eye.
  • Provide ease by not directing the users through challenging navigations and category pages
  • Effortlessly search what the consumers are looking for

Access to Compelling Features Through Cloras Integration

To provide access to more robust features, CyM was integrated with Cloras. These features helped in adding value to the overall user experience. Thus, allowing both B2B/B2C customers to shop with ease. The key features integrated with Cloras have been mentioned below.

  • Invoice payment sync without any delay
  • Also fits feature
  • Syncing of price rules
  • Category sync through Cloras
  • Year, make, and model feature
  • Purchase History
  • Customer account creation

Other Integrations /Extensions

Using extensions, be it a third party or your very own extension that fulfills the requirements of an eCommerce store, tends to add greater value to the performance of the store. The advancement in technology has made the eCommerce space more competitive than ever before, so, in order to stand out, we tend to rely on these extensions to improve the functionalities of the online store.

  • Motor API
  • Authorize.Net
  • Google Maps API
  • DCKAP Quick Order
  • DCKAP Mega Search

Embracing B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce business seems to be increasing more in number than in previous years. Apart from their offline business, B2B merchants have now started to opt for an eCommerce business. The developers at DCKAP have implemented a number of B2B features for CyM, the list of key features have been mentioned below.

    • Multi-Language Support – English & Spanish
    • Motor/Automotive Wiring Diagrams – Customers can choose a specific part they’re looking for using the diagram feature.
    • Quick Order – Customers can now search for something using the model number.
    • Synonym Search – Similar searches for codes and numbers
    • Invoice Payment – Customers can now pay with their invoices
    • Sub Account Limit – Setting up the sub account limit through the primary account
    • Save My Cart – Shopping carts saved along with titles
    • Multiple Shopping List Option – Unlimited
    • Memo Request – Queries placed by the customer are directly sent to the admin.
    • Search History – Previous order searches are readily displayed for the customer
    • Alternate Items – Related items help the customers in choosing similar products
    • New Arrivals Menu – New stock/products arrived within 45 days are displayed for providing early access to customers.
    • Specials Menu – Only products on discount are displayed for the customers to shop
    • Buy Again Menu – The previous order history is presented to the customers to shop easily on a continuous basis.
    • Rules-Based Pricing – The pricing is based on each customer
    • Customer’s Product Number – Customers can search for something on the website using their product number.

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