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Fastenere is a fast-growing hardware company based out of Hempstead, New York. They specialize in supplying a variety of fasteners, screws, nuts, and washers. The availability of rare and hard-to-find screws and nuts make them one of the most sought-after suppliers in the locality. To reach out to customers across the country, Fastenere chose to set up an eCommerce store.

dckap fastenere case study

We helped in driving more traffic and sales to the store by implementing Shopify as the eCommerce platform. User-friendly catalogs helped customers build confidence with the site and enabled to increase B2B sales.


With a ton of screws, nuts, and bolts listed, a powerful filter was built to help customers choose the right product. The filter allowed customers to choose from a number of parameters.


Every product detail page has a table that consists all the available dimensions, package quantities, UPC, and price. This makes the selection process easier. In addition, thousands of products can be accessed and added to cart from a single page.


Having hundreds of products in a variety of sizes, an integration between ERP and the store was mandatory. This allowed to pull metadata from the ERP and populate it in the store accordingly. The challenge was to convert the metadata fields to collections for table-based filtering.

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