About Star sales

Star Sales is a leading national distributor of fasteners, power tools and construction supplies. Founded in 1922, by Harry Star, it originated as a neighborhood hardware store in downtown Boston. During this time, Star Sales put an emphasis on quality and service which continues to be the forefront of their success.

Their current corporate headquarters are spread over a 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Woburn, Massachusetts. Star Sales location facilitates their ability to continue to provide its neighborhood level of service to all of New England and the regional northeast. This expansion allowed Star Sales to increase its inventory lines in order to provide a broader selection of drywall and power tool products to their customer base.

During this period, George developed strong relations with factories in Taiwan and began importing drywall screws and fasteners. Star Sales quickly became a dominant supplier in the East Coast market. Now with a second location, in Baltimore, MD, they continue to grow and prosper. DCKAP wanted to ensure that this particular ethos is translated well into an online front as well and this is why we decided on fulfilling the following services for their eCommerce business front.

  • P21 Integration
  • UI & UX

Magento 2.3


Star sales

Understand the Needs: Delivering Design & Development

The Star sales team chose Magento 2 which supports their B2B Features involving:

– Hubspot
– Quick Order

This gave them the ability to customize the site based on their needs.

Our certified Magento developers and designers initiated the design and development stage. We formulated a brand new optimized website with enhanced user experience to fulfill the expectations of the customers. The design stage also involved an intricate process to provide a fully customizable Magento site to meet the ever-evolving necessities of the end-users.

From the technical perspective, our developers assured improvements such as valid codes that comply with current web standards, improved functionality, and wider accessibility for the customers.

Our implementations

Hubspot :

With the help of Hubspot, we ensured to map the following flows:

  1. Customer registration
  2. Add to cart
  3. Update cart
  4. Delete cart
  5. Orders
  6. Getting blogs from Hubspot.

Customer Registration was further classified into b2b and b2c on this website.

Quick Features Update

Quick Order :

This feature helps the user to quickly dial in all the products one by one in the product field and add products to the cart instantly. Customers can use their own product number to add the product in the cart.

P21 Integration

Magento2 P21 Integration is done via Cloras, a unique solution from DCKAP that made this achievable by integrating the newly updated Magento 2x with P21. Along with P21 integration, DCKAP has implemented Overall Epicor P21 service in this project and enhanced some main functionalities in their website, as follows:

  • Create Customer Sync: This sync helps to map the customer with P21 Customer ID by a new or existing customer creation process, it also transfers customer data from Magento to P21.
  • Dynamic Pricing: After the customer segmentation process, a dynamic pricing solution was introduced to display price values to the P21 customers and quote another price for normal users via scheduled calls.
  • Customer Update from P21: Updation of Customer details from P21 to Magento 2 is carried over by this customer update sync from P21.
  • Create Order: Once the customer places an order with in-stock products this sync helps to import those orders from Magento 2 to P21 with valid order details following which involves processing the order by the P21 user.
  • Product Sync: This sync helps to update inventory products from P21 to Magento 2. This sync helps to update the Quantity, Product Description, Unit of Measure, etc.


The Star sales website is now equipped with a completely transitioned Magento 2 store with power-packed integrations & customizable features to give their customers a hassle free user experience. The challenges DCKAP faced during this project, including enabling the integration between Magento 2x with Epicor P21 and Hubspot Integration, were extensive. Yet, our strong technical team were keenly able to deliver the final product with their expertise.

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