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Technico Inc. is an established THK sales and distribution organization, offering THK motion control products and services required for industrial automation applications. Their organization provides complete sales and support staff to assist customers with all of their motion control needs. Their primary sales efforts target mechanical and electrical design engineers, as well as purchasing and maintenance personnel.

Technico specializes in offering a broad range of automation technologies to OEMs in a wide variety of industries. Primary industrial applications include machine tools, metalworking, automotive, automation, and more. Technico also has an established presence with end-user accounts, including automotive assembly plants, steel mills, stamping facilities, light and lamp plants, and a host of other large industrial users.

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dckap technico casestudy
dckap technico case study

Initial Hurdle

Usually, after any eCommerce platform migration, one common thing that every online store faces is a dip in sales and traffic. Since the core functionality will be changed, it will take some time for the online stores to regain what they have been experiencing before (i.e.) sales, conversions, traffic, orders, etc.

At that point in time, every online store will have two options: to pin hopes on organic growth and until it happens. Or take the other route where the eCommerce stores can see the sales they seek with the help of Magento marketing activities like SEO, pay per clicks, social media, newsletters, blogs, and so on… to bring more traction to the store.

Technico was undergoing the same as well and wanted to get conversions again from the old customers. They approached DCKAP to work together on getting more traffic and orders for the new site. And we did offer what we always do – giving clients requests top priority and implementing our well-structured strategies to accelerate their brand building. Read on, to know more about what we did.

Right Thing To Do

Which brand would not love to see them appearing on top of search results? The traffic will follow suit if we make that happen and henceforth, DCKAP’s marketing activities mainly focused on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Clicks, and Website Assisted Conversion.

To increase the credibility of the site, DCKAP came up with a few areas that can be worked on like the URL Optimization, Image Optimization, Content Optimization, Rich Snippets, Backlink Audit and suggestions along with Competitor Site comparison. (Yes, we did do a comprehensive competitor study to understand how the rest of the market is doing it, and it did help us a lot.) Conversions were tracked continuously.

DCKAP also analyzed and provided feedback on the existing ad campaigns and created new Google Ad campaigns based on the analysis. We made sure the keywords were properly researched before launching the advertisements. The campaigns were monitored daily to provide a report on negative keywords and performed A/B testing for ads to ensure more people see what we strategically placed.

dckap technico case study
dckap technico case study

Challenges Faced

There were particular challenges we faced during the implementation, like the website’s UI/UX needed more enhancements and better ad campaigns were required. DCKAP recommended changes in separate areas of the website initially.

In order to incorporate all the changes based on the User Behavior Study, we started revamping one page at a time and ended up changing the ‘About Us’ page, ‘Contact Us’ page. And the ‘Home page’ itself. The website was also revamped based on the analysis of various aspects. It did bring positive impressions, the way we anticipated. Or rather, analyzed.

Cutting Complexity

DCKAP decided to add more value to the website by implementing the following:

  • Technico knows the product better than anyone. Hence, we requested them to provide content related to the website like blog, meta title, and descriptions, etc. Because we felt it would be more genuine and heartfelt when the content is from them. And yes, the content was indeed uplifting.
  • We started posting content-rich blogs based on focused keyword recommendations to improve and sustain Magento SEO rankings.
  • DCKAP setup eCommerce analytics: tracked the transactions, the number of orders, the performance of the running advertisements and clicks on Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Search Console. This helped the client to understand and introspect how things were faring.
  • Analysis of Order information, Product performance, Category performance, Checkout behaviors, Shopping behaviors were done continuously, and a report was also provided to the client often to make them aware of the current scenario.
  • DCKAP also performed an extensive analysis of Google Analytics to determine bounce rates, site engagement, and other relevant metrics. Goals and Funnels have to be implemented to calculate eCommerce conversions. This helped us to examine the reasons why visitors are not becoming customers. With this data, we made the necessary changes to the online store.
dckap technico case study
dckap technico case study

Adding Agility

DCKAP wanted to achieve the objective of this project more accessible by understanding the business and its target audience. We made sure we checked which marketing channel suits the best for Technico as a business based on the client’s inputs and their competitor’s marketing strategy.

Suggested to convert the traffic to leads based on customer behavior analysis on the website. DCKAP took up weekly calls with the client to review the principal results and come up with a plan for the upcoming week. Detailed reports on analytics for Products, Customer behavior, Acquisition channels, conversion and Return on Investment were provided to Technico every week.


As a result of putting an eternal Magento SEO effort to improve the site and increase its traffic, the number of requests for quotes on the website was increased, phone calls requesting for quotes increased. The volume of organic visits and rankings of the main target keywords went up.

Google Ads were optimized for better results, and there was also an increase in the website’s assisted conversions. The results were optimistic: 34% increase in quality conversions, a 51% increase in page views, with 61% spike in average session duration and site engagement, and a substantial 27% decrease in bounce rate.

It was an incredible journey. Well, the journey has not ended yet, and we are sure we are going to love every moment working with Technico for the sheer amount of enthusiasm and knowledge they bring into the project.






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“Technico uses DCKAP to optimize our SEO and PPC programs. They have been very easy to work with, thorough and detail-oriented. Web search and ad buys are extremely important to our ongoing business success, and DCKAP’s talented employees make sure we are a step ahead of our competition”



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