Client Overview

Wendover Art Group, creator and manufacturer of distinctive wall decor serving the retail (large and independent) and interior design. Wendover’s success is measured by our growth patterns in the past 15 years – growth within the team and customer base. By focusing on superior value, they have created incredible long-term partnerships.

Services by DCKAP
  • Customizer Functionality Implementation
  • Magento Integration and Customization


Business Challenges

No one likes to miss out on a large chunk of visitors and customers because of the eCommerce store’s slow loading speed. The challenges that Wendover Art Group was undergoing is, they required a detailed architecture environment to change the code-base from React JS to Magento in mid of the project phase. And it required in-depth math calculations for every custom option to be integrated.

Apart from multiple data sync, UI rendering also posed a more significant challenge during implementation. Adding to it was the MVP Ideation that should be in its ideal place. And the overall performance was a core issue as it had millions of data imported into its database.

Major Fixes

DCKAP wanted to give a unified shopping experience and an equally robust selling experience to Wendover Art Group. The below ones are the challenges they were facing.

They did not have any performance measures to handle the enormous data feed and render that on a batch basis. UI representation and rendering of options via customizer window not available. No calculations were available to establish the connectivity between each rendering option.

And some glitches arose between the standard product and customized product display. The process of data migration for custom products from Magento 1 was a challenge we took heads-on to solve.

Project Requirements

Wendover Art Group wanted customizer implementation and integration into their Magento system for better visualization. During data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, the same customized images and options with new implementation were asked to be rendered.

The logic between each customizable option had to be matched. And the data mapping should be established within each record. All the extensive data was to be handled without any errors.

In the sections of the cart, checkout, wishlist, my orders, and social share — Dynamic image generation and handled with custom values. Lastly, they’ve also insisted the custom image generation should not eat up a lot of space in the database.

Solutions Offered

Customizer Implementation: Implemented a customizer window separate from the Products detail page and handled the Add To Cart, Wishlist sessions similar to that page. Also, rendered the customizer with millions of data on a batch basis without delay, and API calls were improved with better performance.

Customized Image Render: Dynamic calculations performed to generate the images with media, treatment, frame, mat, and liner options with the best UI experience. Generated images with standard options now will get replaced in the database instead of new image creation, helping to reduce the storage space utilization.

Cart, Checkout, and My Wishlist Customization: Customized the cart, checkout, and wishlist pages to handle the custom values and dynamic images. Edit process implementation by which the customer can land back to the customizer window retaining the selected values if they click on any custom products from cart, checkout, and wishlist pages.

View Room Visualization: The view room feature is implemented to have a real-time experience of how the art will look framed in their room.

Catalog: Multiple catalogs can be created and shared with other users based on custom products and relevant rendering values with simple URLs.

Art and Interior Design is all about bringing beauty and coherence to the space. And DCKAP also wanted to bring the same onto their eCommerce store for Wendover Art Group to serve a smooth, seamless experience.