Cathy’s Concepts

Cathy’s Concepts is a premier customizable gifts provider, founded in 1988 by Cathy LaValley. They sell customized gift items ranging from travel, home, wedding, and other related product lines. From selling jewelry offline to venturing into wholesale and retail, Cathy’s concepts have established itself as a pioneer in the gift provider industry.

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Distribution One




BigCommerce – Distribution One Integration


Elimination of manual data transfer between different touchpoints of their business was a primary requirement of the client. Our integration experts identified the need for automation and integrated their eCommerce platform and Distribution one ERP. This enabled seamless synchronization between their order, product, and, inventory data for improved business processes.

The integration of their BigCommerce store and Distribution One ERP not only solved their hectic problems related to data and workflow management but also helped them boost sales and revenue by speeding up their business processes, thereby fulfilling orders and other customer requests at speeds and efficiency much higher than what they had pre-integration.