Advanced Wireless Communication

Data Orchestration Simplified And Secured With Epicor ERP – Magento Integration

About Advanced Wireless Communication

Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) is a leader in the design and integration of wireless communications solutions. Headquartered in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Metropolitan Area, they have been creating onsite wireless systems that help businesses communicate effectively since 1992. AWC has the expertise and experience to create the best solution to meet your needs. Dedicated to providing best in class customer service and satisfaction for all their customers; they offer onsite installations nationally, radio and system repair, and a dedicated support team.



eCommerce Implementation

The brand has decided to move to Magento from its existing custom-developed eCommerce site with increased capabilities in addition to the feature implementations the same as before. DCKAP, an end-to-end eCommerce solution provider, enhanced the client’s customer experience by building a website on the Magento Open Source 2.3x framework.

ERP Software

Advanced Wireless Communications were using a right made-to-measure Epicor ERP as it is proven to eliminate complexity by streamlining critical processes and fostering collaboration between teams. Also, Epicor ERP helps to drive more direct relationships with customers and suppliers, with access to information as and when it is happening.

Challenges Faced

Business needs change and your data processing systematics also need to. Brands can save a lot of time, effort, and reduce redundancy with managing all integrations from one place, no matter how many.

Integrations when done right, will transform any business, thereby deriving data from multiple systems and driving sales by streamlining them via a cloud solution like CLORAS.

Advanced Wireless Communications (AWC) wanted a middleware that could connect and place all their integrations in one place that also enable data synchronization from Epicor Cloud System to their Magento eCommerce.

Challenges Without Integration:

  • Multiple Data Errors
  • Slow Processing Systems
  • Inconsistent Information
  • Absence of Insights Reports
  • Customer Experience Reduction

Business Requirements

Advanced Wireless Communications wanted to accurately organize and orchestrate data flow of customers, orders, product updates, order processing inventory, repair request processing, and pricing, between systems. They wanted to do this for streamlining the business processes and grasp up-to-date customers, products, and other essential information.


DCKAP, with the help of its eCommerce specialists, built a custom online store for Advanced Wireless Communications to improve its online growth. The next task was to integrate the new online store with Epicor ERP using CLORAS to cut complexities and knit together optimal data flows. Below is the list of business use cases that were implemented in this project.

Customer Sync

All the details of customers were set to sync from Epicor to Magento. This way, all the customer orders, transactions, and other data are tracked seamlessly. The sync was set to happen once every hour.

      Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Dynamic Pricing

After the customer logs in, the default price displayed before the login will get replaced with the preset dynamic price fetching the data from Epicor to Magento. Users cannot see the dynamic price if not/before login.

    Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Order Update

All the orders will be synced once every hour. Order ID, Shipping Method, Payment Details, and so on, are the categories included in this sync. Also, employees at every touchpoint will be aware of the orders.

    Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Order Update

All the orders will be synced once every hour. Order ID, Shipping Method, Payment Details, and so on, are the categories included in this sync. Also, employees at every touchpoint will be aware of the orders.

    Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Payment Integration: Offline Orders

Orders processed and products purchased can be paid by customers offline with Credit Card information in Magento setup, and that data will be sent to Epicor. This removes the usual complexity buyers encounter.

  Data Flow: Magento to Epicor

Offline Orders Invoice

The invoices of offline orders will be displayed after login and users can amplify single or multiple payments based on invoices fetched from Epicor. Note: Offline payments can’t be done in Magento.

      Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Tax Calculation

The taxes will already be calculated and stored in Epicor. When the transaction happens, the tax amount will be transferred to Magento, and customers can see how much tax applies to their current order.

    Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Repair Request: Warranty Details

A serial number will be given to every customer during purchase using which they can check the Warranty Details and claim the repair request accordingly.

  Data Flow: Magento to Epicor

Repair Request: Status Update

Customers can know the status of the workflow. If there is any change in Epicor, it will also be communicated to Magento to know the current condition of the returned products.

     Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Products Sync

The details of products and catalog lists are synced from Epicor to Magento, thereby providing up-to-date information to the merchants at every touchpoint and giving accurate data to the prospective buyers.

    Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Order Creation

The order will be created in ERP before the Payment Process step. And the same Epicor ID will be maintained in the session log that would further be elevated with Payment Integration.

    Data Flow: Magento to Epicor

Payment Integration: Online Orders

Firstly, the order gets created in Epicor before it is deemed as a success in Magento. After order creation in Magento, the payment will be launched in Magento, upon which the Payment Integration is completed.

    Data Flow: Magento to Epicor

Dynamic Address

If the admin(s) want to add an address after editing existing user data, they can click ‘Load Dynamic Field’ for the address to be auto-filled from Epicor data and need not spend time searching again for the address.

  Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Inventory Management

Price and Quantity of the products will be periodically updated. Business owners can minimize their costs by knowing when it’s time to replenish. Or purchase the inventory only when required.

  Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Product View Analysis

After login, the merchant can analyze the products that have been viewed by customers and can see the count of how many times the customer has seen a particular product(s). This data is beneficial to retarget customers.

    Data Flow: Magento to Epicor

Repair Request: Products

The customer can see if their Product will be eligible for Repair Request Data that is brought based on the already-entered fields by the assigned admin.

  Data Flow: Epicor to Magento

Repair Request: Submission

The motive of this is to ensure customer grievances are addressed. After the user fills the Repair Request Form, the details will be sent to Epicor and the work is started on the basis of details given in the form.

    Data Flow: Magnento to Epicor

Magento 2 + Epicor ERP: Post-Integration

For Advanced Wireless Communication, who was facing a multitude of business challenges, CLORAS stepped in and enabled AWC to expand their limits and eliminate manual data entry by integrating data flow between Magento 2 and Epicor 2: Customer Sync, Product Sync, and more. CLORAS delivered what we promised – Manage all your integrations in one place and forget about integrations, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

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