ASG Jergens

ASG Jergens brought more fortune through real-time assembly line inventory synchronization using CLORAS

About ASG Jergens

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. (parent company Jergens), offers products and solutions for assembly-line productions, a complete line of torque control screwdrivers, workstation accessories, production aides, and precision fastening equipment through ASG Assembly, Industrial, Precision Fastening, and Automation Product Groups. ASG, who was the leading distributor of torque screwdrivers and digital torque meters in North America, transitioned towards manufacturing in 2010, to become the number one manufacturer of precision torque and angle DC electric fastener systems. Furthermore, in 2013, ASG expanded its Industrial Product Group to include Fiam brand premium quality pneumatic torque control screwdrivers and nut runners, related industrial air tools and accessories. Today, ASG is into the assembly, industrial, precision fastening and automation and has established strategic partnerships with several tools and accessories producing brands.

about asg jergens


Ecommerce Store: ASG Jergens had their website set up in BigCommerce – a versatile eCommerce solution that takes up the wheel to set up and run a fully optimized store, without much developer intervention. 

ERP Software: The company managed its back end business operations using Epicor P21, an ERP that’s tailor-made for B2B manufacturers and distributors.

Challenge Faced

  1. The first and foremost of the pain points are assembly line inventory update. The real-time inventory data of both spare parts and finished items like screwdrivers, meters and other assembly line materials were to be manually updated from P21 ERP to BigCommerce storefront. This process was tedious and most of the time the store showed an incorrect number of available products, resulting in failed orders and dissatisfied customers.
  2. Another major struggle the company faced was customer data being duplicated in both BigCommerce and P21 ERP. If an existing customer made an order in the BigCommerce store, the interaction was being recorded as a new entity, unless manually checked using existing customer details such as email, name, in the ERP side. This meant a lot of unnecessary storage use, confusion in order fulfillment and customer operations, hence a waste of resources.
  3. Orders, pricing and product information were out of sync between BigCommerce front end and P21 ERP. This caused a lot of delay in the workflow, hence improper or delayed completion of work.

Business Requirement

In order to curb these roadblocks, the ASG team required us to synchronize and automate key data transfer of orders, customers, inventory and products, between systems. They wanted their BigCommerce store data to be synchronized with P21 ERP so that all data would sync between the systems in real-time.


CLORAS solution specialists and integration experts heard pain points and requirements mentioned by the ASG team and immediately came up with the best solution considering their business scenario. And that’s BigCommerce – P21 Integration using CLORAS. The team gave a short demonstration of system integration using CLORAS and the ASG team understood how simple and straightforward it is to set up and roll out their BigCommerce P21 Integration. The team immediately signed the deal and, within a couple of month’s time, our team came up with a fully implemented BigCommerce P21 Integration with the following information connected in real-time.

Order Details

Import files will be generated in the P21 Api Server for each order placed in BigCommerce which will be moved to the P21 Application Machine. The Order Id, SKU, Item Quantity, Price and Shipping Details will be the major information that is synchronized.

     Data Flow: BigCommerce to Prophet 21

Order Processing

Cloras will read all the orders with a status of awaiting fulfillment or partially shipped, and send the corresponding order Ids to P21 to retrieve the orders shipment details. Then, Cloras will create the shipment in Bigcommerce and set the status of the orders to shipped if all the products with the quantity ordered have been shipped to the customer.

     Data Flow: Prophet 21 to BigCommerce

Assembly Products Inventory

For Assembly Products, the available stock level will be retrieved based on its child parts and the number of child parts needed to make the product. CLORAS will pick the minimum value among the quantity of all child parts, divided by the units need to make the product.

     Data Flow: Prophet 21 to BigCommerce

Customer Registration Information

CLORAS will sync in real-time any new customer who registers in the ASG Jergens’ BigCommerce store with P21. Key customer information such as name, email, phone, billing & shipping addresses that are entered into the BigCommerce store would be immediately added or updated into P21 ERP (in case the same customer entry already exists).

     Data Flow: BigCommerce to Prophet 21

BigCommerce + Prophet 21: Post-Integration

The CLORAS team rolled out the above integrations mentioned in their Statement of Work (SOW) and delivered the project in the stipulated time to the ASG team, who were more than happy to see CLORAS taking the wheel. The BigCommerce P21 Integration had released the ASG team of a huge burden with manual data transfer, as well as slow & error-prone workflow. It also helped streamline workflows, maintain consistency of inventory and customer data, as well as fulfill orders faster and better than ever before.

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