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About Bosch Hydraulic

Bosch Hydraulic, established in 1995, manufactures a range of hoses, including hydraulic, industrial, pneumatic, air brake, power steering hoses, and more. They also stock hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings, adapters, and quick couplers. Great customer service and a one-stop-shopping environment are what drives them forward.

BigCommerce Integrations
business requirements

Business Requirements

Manual Data Entry eats up both time and resources. The efforts that were being spent on entering and locating data can very well be used elsewhere which would bring more revenue to the company. Bosch Hydraulics decided to put an end to Manual Data Entry and wanted to integrate their ERP and eCommerce for better operational efficiency.

Another barrier they had was the handling of their product data. They had 1000s of products and an even larger number of SKUs which made it difficult to manage and streamline product data which was in turn affecting the way business runs.

Bosch Hydraulics got in touch with Cloras to find an end to the never-ending manual data entry and wanted to harness the power of integration to supercharge their growth in the industry. And also wanted to find an amicable solution that would make their product data access and accuracy convenient.

Integration Solutions

Being an eCommerce store running on BigCommerce with P21 as their ERP for backend management, check out the use cases we collaborated to ensure there is data flow consistency across all channels, all the time.

Customer Sync

Every time a customer is created or updated in the BigCommerce storefront, the details are set to sync backend at P21 for efficiency.

      Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Inventory Sync

Data of stock levels at your fingertips – The inventory update is synced are periodic intervals so the concerned are aware of the products present.

    Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Order Processing Sync

Once the orders are successfully synced in the backend ERP, the details of the same along with the invoice are transferred to BigCommerce.

    Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Product Sync

Bosch Hydraulics was dealing with a lot of products, which meant equally large SKUs. The product data was streamlined using the assistance of FlexiPIM, a robust product information management system.

    Data Flow: P21 > FlexiPIM > BigCommerce

Orders Sync

The orders are updated using P21 order ID through BigCommerce. The team at Cloras created an exclusive pipe for integrating the data.

    Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Benefits of P21 BigCommerce Integrations

The business-critical information that was earlier scattered is now synced and streamlined to and fro between ERP and eCommerce (BigCommerce and P21) making it easier to access data. And now exists a single source of truth that stands as a testament of customer order information, product data, and more than can be distributed to all the channels.

Earlier, the barrier with product data was also fulfilled. A lot of assembly products can now be fulfilled. And only the saleable products get displayed to the buyers in the eCommerce store, making it convenient to know what products are there for sale and what isn’t.

Also, with the help of FlexiPIM, a lot of customizations on product levels can be achieved. The team can add a lot of product images, details, descriptions, and more about the product without any hassles. This way, the seller gives utmost details for the prospect so they come to a buying decision quicker.

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