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About CoronadoDC

CoronadoDC specializes in furniture relocation and installation and has established relationships with the most prominent furniture manufacturers. Their distribution team offers a wide variety of tactical apparel, footwear, custom ceremonial gear and equipment, shipboard parts, office supplies and more, to create a space custom to your needs.

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Business Requirements

CoronadoDC had its eCommerce platform built upon the robust BigCommerce and were using P21 to manage their backend activities seamlessly. Apart from the mentioned two, they also integrated a modern product information management solution, FlexiPIM, to manage and maintain their data at all the touchpoints.

However, a prime issue they were encountering was the Product Sync where they had more than 300,000 SKUs that had to be migrated without any data loss at any end. And also wanted to connect their data points which would sync the details of customers, products, orders, prices, and more, between eCommerce and ERP.

Integration Solutions

The team at Cloras wanted to provide an effective business solution so the company can focus on achieving its dreams while our connectors align the data between ERP and eCommerce. Check out what we delivered.

Customer Sync

When a new customer is created or the details of an existing customer are updated, the latest and real-time data is set to sync at the backend ERP.

      Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Order Sync

The order information such as customer details, order number, ship-to address, and so on, are taken to the backend and synced in the ERP.

    Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Offline Orders Sync

Orders that are placed directly and not via the eCommerce front are also synced by data automation in BigCommerce and invoice generated.

    Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Offline Quotes Sync

An API call from BigCommerce will fetch the data from P21 and give the prospect a quotation of the prices of products they’ve sought for.

  Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Products Sync

To create products in P21, the sync was set as follows: From FlexiPIM to Cloras. And FlexiPIM to BigCommerce for creating products in eCommerce.

    Data Flow: FlexiPIM > P21 and FlexiPIM > BigCommerce

Order Processing Sync

Once the order is received in the backend, the processing starts wherein an invoice is generated. This data is stored and sent back to the frontend.

    Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Pricing Sync

The price of every product created and set in P21 will be fetched to BigCommerce. This way, both the buyer and seller are aware of the prices.

  Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

AR Invoice

An API will fetch the invoice from BigCommerce to P21 with the help of a dynamic call that is triggered in times of need.

  Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Benefits of BigCommerce and P21 Integration

Data silos present a large problem that will likely require some significant shifts, but there are some initial steps with the help of integrations that Cloras took to tackle this problem faced by CoronadoDC.

The integrations by Cloras assure all the data pertaining right from customers and orders until the consignment is reached, is stored safely in the backend, and sent to all the key areas where the data is needed.

Beyond just taking and placing the data, the business (or stakeholders) can use this real-time data to make informed business decisions and improve the efficiency of their organization.

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