CYM Distributors

CLORAS helped CYM Distributors transform as a leading auto parts wholesaler

About CYM Distributors

Based in Puerto Rico, CYM distributors has been one of the largest and fastest-growing aftermarket auto parts wholesalers. Founded in 1961 by Mr. Rafael Castrodad Sr., CYM distributors started as a Jeep specialist dealer evolved in 1987 into an aftermarket wholesaler for Japanese vehicles. The wholesale company has over 100,000 SKUs for original and replacement parts for Jeep, Japanese and Korean cars in their huge 72,000 sq. ft warehouse. Currently CYM distributors imports from best parts manufacturers from all over the world, predominantly Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, USA, Italy, Peru, and Spain, and distributes for top brands across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, such as Pentius, Nakamoto, Monroe, Valeo, Kentrol, to name a few.

About CYM Distributors


eCommerce Platform Implementation:

CYM Distributors had their website set up in .Net, which they felt did not cater to their growing business needs. Hence they wanted to move their front end to a more sophisticated eCommerce solution to meet their growing business needs. DCKAP, the end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider – recommended Magento for the client. 


CYM Distributors maintained all their business information in Oracle MySQL Database, a go-to database solution for enterprise businesses, which was the repository for all the clients’ ERP information. 

Challenges Faced

After making Magento 2 eCommerce implementation live with the help of DCKAP, CYM Distributors had their eCommerce interactions (new registrations, orders, quote requests) scaled up. Since MySQL happens to be the source of truth of all their business data, the client needed to have all Magento 2 data entered into MySQL as well. But, due to the quantum of data arising from their Magento 2 front end, the client found it a huge pain in the neck to manually export all the Magento 2 data and import it into their front end. Moreover, the data formatting complexities (due to different data types, formats, and specifications in Magento 2 and MySQL) further worsened the problem and led to complications like missed, duplicate, incorrect data, and so on. Furthermore, the team didn’t have the time or resource bandwidth for doing all this, proving to be a roadblock for scaling up their auto parts wholesale business.


Business Requirement

In order to successfully mitigate the above-mentioned challenges, the transfer should cater to all data standards of MySQL and Magento 2. The client wanted to automate all eCommerce data transfer from Magento 2 to MySQL. From a broader perspective, CYM Distributors wanted a middleman to setup bi-directional communication between both platforms and ensure that they talk to each other constantly.


After the client shred their pain points with our solution specialist team, they had only one solution to offer that vanquishes all the business challenges they faced. And with no surprise, it was Magento 2 MySQL integration. Our expert analysts highlighted the easier solution it provides, to hit the database and make data update through CRUD operation directly in order to: 

–  Save a considerable chunk of time by skipping the need to create and/or call ERP API (Direct database calls doesn’t require API as a gateway)

–  The source of truth for business data is MySQL database, so direct update to database eliminates dual work.

The client liked this suggestion and immediately gave the green light for kickstarting Magento 2 MySQL Integration. CLORAS Integration experts soon began with the integration setup and rolled out the following integration pipes:

CYM Product Updates

The first point of entry of product information is MySQL. All new product categories & subcategories of auto spare parts, such as model, description and pricing is scheduled to synchronize from MySQL to Magento 2 once every 2 hours, through CLORAS.

   Data Flow: MySQL to Magento 2

CYM Order Status

Order updates such as shipment type, delivery date, current order status, is set to transfer through CLORAS from MySQL to Magento 2 front end.

     Data Flow: MySQL to Magento 2

CYM Product Details

All product details which has its first point of entry and source of truth into MySQL will be synchronized with Magento 2 using CLORAS. Most specific details such as Year, Make, Model of all the auto parts (both original and replacements), will be synced every two hours with Magento 2. This is through a dump process, completely removing the whole data block at once and updating a fresh new block instead of individually.

     Data Flow: MySQL to Magento 2

CYM Customer Registeration

CLORAS transfers any new customer registration on eCommerce or customer information updates (name, email, order history, requests) to MySQL on a schedule of every two hours.

     Data Flow: Magento 2 to MySQL

CYM New Orders

All new orders and payment details that fall into Magento 2 eCommerce store is transferred to MYSQL once every two hours for immediate order processing and fulfillment operations.

     Data Flow: Magento 2 to MySQL

CYM Inventory

Inventory details of the auto part products and categories, such as stock levels, that gets entered first into MySQL (up-to-date numbers from the warehouse) are set to synchronize with Magento 2 on a schedule frequency of every two hours.

     Data Flow: MySQL to Magento 2

Magento 2 + MySQL: Post Integration

All key data points and fields were integrated between Magento 2 and MySQL database, thereby eliminating the need for clients to allocate resources to do manual data entry. The integration was made live in a matter of N weeks and delivered to the client, thereby automating transactions and streamlining business processes. Since MySQL was the source of truth, and the front end and back end are seamlessly integrated, the client was able to handle the huge quantum of data (sometimes a huge data surge), arising at Magento 2. Overall, the Magento 2 MySQL integration lent CYM Distributors a hand in achieving their ultimate objective: scaling up their wholesale business.

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