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About GrowGeneration

GrowGeneration Corp. owns and operates specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores. They sell thousands of products, like organic nutrients and soils, advanced lighting technology, and state-of-the-art hydroponic equipment used by commercial growers.

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business requirements

Business Requirements

GrowGeneration was running their eCommerce store Magento Commerce and using DDI Inform, an ERP technology that equips distributors with the ability to drive operational excellence, to run their eCommerce store.

A prime issue GrowGeneration was facing is the difficulty of syncing orders back to their ERP after they are placed. And in accordance with this, the Tax Updates after order sync also seemed like a complication due to the absence of an automated workflow taking the data seamlessly.

And above everything, GrowGeneration wanted to enhance the way their data gets synced between eCommerce and ERP – to offer customers a seamless business experience, whether in-store or online and to make smarter decisions with intuitive and real-time data insights.

Integration Solutions

Having real-time data at the right places helps strengthen business operations and efficiency. Cloras puts consistent data back and forth between critical data points to track business, access pivot data, and act on customer queries. Check out the business use cases Cloras integrated.

Customer Sync

After a customer is created or updated in Magento Commerce, the details of the same are also synced and reflected in DDI Inform.

      Data Flow: DDI Inform > Magento Commerce

Order Sync

Order details such as product, name, customer information, ship-to address, and so on, are synced from Magento Commerce to the backend.

    Data Flow: Magento Commerce > DDI Inform

Pricing Sync

The prices set by the team, which is implemented at ERP, are displayed at the eCommerce store too, for achieving a single source of truth.

    Data Flow: DDI Inform > Magento Commerce

Inventory Sync

This sync helps to know the stock levels in the warehouse and how much quantity is remaining before the company has to re-order or manufacture.

    Data Flow: DDI Inform > Magento Commerce

Offline Orders Sync

Aside from the orders that are processed directly in the eCommerce, even the orders placed offline are synced to attain streamlining of the business.

    Data Flow: DDI Inform > Magento Commerce

Order Pad Sync

This sync helps customers to see what they’ve ordered earlier and helps them to repeat the same order with quantity and price.

  Data Flow: DDI Inform > Magento Commerce

Benefits of Inform DDI and Magento Integration

Complete automation can be achieved for GrowGeneration. All the data that is entered via eCommerce is now synced back to the ERP. and vice-versa. GrowGeneration can harness the power of this real-time data to make key business decisions that impact revenue.

Also, now that ERP and eCommerce have been synced, customers can place their orders both online and offline, giving the choice of buying back to the customer completely. The orders that are placed offline and the details of the same shall also be synced back to the systems.

And in the pricing sync that was set up, features such as tier pricing, location, and pricing for that customer are the details that shall be connected. Else, this would have been a time-consuming task to look and locate every time.

With the help of these integrations by Cloras, the team at GrowGeneration can greatly increase accuracy levels and free up their time to concentrate fully on core tasks.

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