Howard Supply

Real-time Inventory Synchronization and Management spelled success for Howard Supply

About Howard Supply

Howard Supply Company is one of the premiers, value-added service providers to the oil and gas industry. Having been in the marketplace for over 82 years, Howard Supply has been delivering best-in-class products & services to their customers, thereby creating immense value.

Howard Service centers are leaders in service and fabrication in the oilfield, mining and industrial markets by offering a wide range of inspection equipment repair and certification services to their customers. With stores and repair centers in over 20 locations, along with a stock of over 90000, the company is pioneering a full-service partnership with its customers.

About Howard Supply


eCommerce Platform Implementation:

The company’s eCommerce business was expanding and the client was looking for a much more comprehensive eCommerce solution that would cater to their growing needs. As an eCommerce solutions provider with a myriad of eCommerce solution specialists and technology experts, DCKAP came to the rescue. DCKAP helped set up the Howard Supply website in Magento 2 – one of the most flexible and customizable eCommerce platforms on the market. 


The business had Epicor Prophet 21 as their ERP, which covered all backend operations imperative to a wholesale distributor such as warehouse management, order processing and fulfillment, and customer relationship management, to mention a few.

Challenge Faced

After their Magento 2 store went live, the company started witnessing an increase in business, which meant they had to scale up their workflow simultaneously. Even though this is a huge plus, there came a huge hurdle as well. The client found it a mountainous task to handle the complexity of data arising from their newly implemented Magento 2 storefront. The teams found it difficult to quickly fulfill the increased orders and diverse custom offerings, without having the Magento data in their backend systems as well.


Business Requirement

The company realized that they had to find a single but comprehensive solution that solves the major challenge mentioned above. They wanted their Magento 2 front end to be connected with their backend software, Epicor P21. That way, all store data will be transferred to their ERP in real-time for teams to work with easily. They wanted to include all the integration complexities and logic while still maintaining ease of operations in their B2B customer journey.


The client had a short discussion with our integration experts and B2B solution specialists who introduced CLORAS for Magento 2 – P21 Integration. Our team gave a brief demo of the CLORAS Integration platform and the process of Magento 2 – P21 Integration. After getting the complete integration requirements our team of solution specialists had finalized the following list of modules that will be integrated between Magento 2 and Epicor P21:

Product Information

All product information is transferred from Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento on a schedule.

   Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Order Processing and Offline Orders

Statuses of both online and offline orders, including quote requests, are transferred from Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento to update the order status section of a customer in the eCommerce store.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Dynamic Pricing

Customer-based pricing (based on past purchase history, loyalty levels, and/or interactions with the company) is extracted from P21 ERP to the Magento store for the specific customer login.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Multi Warehouse Inventory Sync

Dynamic stock levels of items from multiple warehouses are transferred batchwise from Epicor Prophet 21 to be reflected in the Magento store.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Customer Creation

All details with respect to new customer registration, information update as well as customer-specific orders & payment details during each and every purchase.

     Data Flow: Magento to Epicor Prophet 21

Shipping and Tracking

Up-to-date shipping and order tracking information, such as shipment type, order status, delivery date and exact current location in transit, are sent on schedule from Prophet 21 to Magento to be displayed properly on customer login. 

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Magento 2 + Epicor Prophet 21: Post Integration Scenario

CLORAS Integration experts dutifully set up the integration and handed it over to the client live. The client was happy to see the data transfer between the front end and back end, automated by Magento 2 Prophet 21 Integration using CLORAS and workflow efficiency scaled up. All the challenges that arose with scaling up their wholesale business were met by CLORAS. With seamless 24*7 support from our end, sales and operations teams have all the relevant data they require to function efficiently and enhance the customer experience.

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