Marysville Marine Distributors

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About Marysville Marine

With over 100 product lines and 5000 plus dealers nationwide, Marysville Marine Distributors provide engines, generators, parts, and accessories to the marine market. They ship to all 50 states and to most countries around the world.

Marysville Marine

Business Requirements

Marysville wanted to digitally transform the way they do business. And a box long pending to be ticked for them was their ERP and eCommerce Integration. They wanted all their critical workflows to be synced.

And wanted to say no to manual data entry. Because it is not only susceptible to human error but also is a time-consuming business process; especially on the day-to-day for them.

Whereas automation helps eliminate manual data entry and reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, enabling businesses to reallocate resources where they need them most.

Integration Solutions

Check out the workflows Cloras connected between Magento 2 and Prophet 21 to help Marysville save their business time, avoiding bumpy roads, reduce costs, and eliminate data errors.

Customer Sync

With a bidirectional data sync that connects all the customer details to and fro Magento 2 with P21, the employees can be rest assured all the details are processed at both ends of the business.

      Data Flow: Magento 2 <> Prophet 21

Inventory Sync

Inventory levels and the current status of the quantity left are updated from Prophet 21 to Magento 2. Having a clear-cut idea of inventory levels helps to make better decisions of warehouse refilling and further selling.

    Data Flow: Prophet 21 > Magento 2

Offline Orders Sync

All the orders that are made offline (or via direct buying) will be synced from Prophet 21 to Magento 2. The invoice for the same shall be generated. And thereby promising a convenient buying experience.

    Data Flow: Prophet 21 > Magento 2

Dynamic Fetch Customer

When a customer is registered in Magento 2, but the account for the same is already in existence at Prophet 21 – The ERP ID given during registration in the eCommerce site is used to sync the custom in the backend.

  Data Flow: Prophet 21 > Magento 2

Product Sync

All the product details such as name, category, specifications, descriptions, models available, along with stock levels, and more, are set to sync from Prophet 21 to Magento 2.

    Data Flow: Prophet 21 > Magento 2

Order Sync

Every time an order is placed in the frontend eCommerce (Magento 2), the order details are integrated and brought to the backend EPR (Prophet 21) for order fulfillment and processing.

    Data Flow: Magento 2 > Prophet 21

Order Processing Sync

Once the order is received and the processing has begun, the status of the same is delivered to the frontend Magento 2 for letting the buyer know the status and details of the order.

  Data Flow: Prophet 21 > Magento 2

Benefits of P21 Magento Integration

Cloras automated workflows to provide the best possible experience for Marysville’s customers and employees alike. This way, the process has now been streamlined, accessible, quicker, and more real-time. The synced data helps identify immersive processes and workflows to give valuable insights into how to optimize data for the betterment of the business.

With critical data connected at both ends without any hassles and in real-time, the employees can rest assured about data migration without the need to daily do manual data entry and matching work, which would eat up a lot of time. Do business without barriers or bottlenecks. That’s what Marysville wished. That’s what Cloras did.

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