Midland Scientific

Digital Evolution With Magento P21 Integration For Accelerated Growth

About Midland Scientific

Midland Scientific, Inc. is a woman-owned, full-line distributor of laboratory products such as chemicals, instrumentation, general lab supplies, glassware, lab consumables, media, measurement equipment, plasticware, reagents, solutions, and much more. They primarily serve the agricultural, educational, food, industrial, and research markets with a sales force that covers the entire United States.

magento p21 integration


eCommerce: Magento 2

Destined to create unique and engaging shopping experiences, Midland Scientific chose to build their online store on Magento 2 with the help of DCKAP (an end-to-end eCommerce agency) to bring the vision to life.

ERP: Prophet 21 (P21)

Having the right support systems in the backend is the key to success in today’s fast-paced digital world. Midland Scientific used P21 ERP to streamline its backend operations and empowered teams with real-time data.

Earlier Business Challenges

  • Speed – When you’re running a business, especially an eCommerce store, every second counts. Finding the time to update data and manually sync data was tricky, even at the best of times.
  • Customization – There were not many code customization options in their earlier site that acted as a barricade to business growth and prevented from implementing certain growth strategies.
  • Time – The waiting period, even if it’s just one customization, was more. Since the code had to be manually knitted, the whole process was laborious and hugely time-consuming.
  • Data – When entering information manually, it took up a lot of time, no matter how fast one can type or process information, it never was as fast as it needs to be, leading to data errors and inaccuracy.

Business Requirements

Today’s buyer journey isn’t linear, which pushes brands to extend their eCommerce possibilities and adjust their strategies so they are always ready to not just cater to customers’ needs, but exceed them. After DCKAP built a robust eCommerce store for Midland Scientific, they wanted to integrate ERP and eCommerce for creating a smooth data flow of key business use cases. Doing so, the organization can create satisfying customer experiences and also worry-less about data redundancy.

Integration Solutions

Check out the business use cases Cloras integrated to combat Midland Scientific’s business problems through advanced integrations to offer hyper-personal shopping experiences that make their customers highly satisfied and more prone to making purchase decisions. And creating a space to work faster and more intelligently, with all the latest data available.

Customer Sync

Enabled bidirectional data orchestration between ERP and eCommerce. Existing customer details such as email, customer ID, Zip Code, etc. will be updated. And even new customers, when created, will be synced.

      Data Flow: Magento <> P21 (Bidirectional)

Inventory Sync

Customers will be able to see the inventory availability when they go to the respective page via the dynamic call. Or to put it in simpler words, the current inventory quantity in P21 will be displayed.

    Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Offline Order Sync

All offline orders are created in P21. The orders are placed over the phone, usually. After an order is made, the details of the same are uploaded in P21 by the respective sales rep, after which the details can be viewed online.

    Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Back Orders

Customers can place the order even when the stock is nil in the inventory. The order will however be fulfilled and delivered to the customer. And the details will be updated after the stock levels are refilled.

  Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Call-To-Pricing Sync

Prices of products cannot be seen on the site. But if any new user or a guest wants to know the product price, they can request for the same and call to know the price of the product they’re seeking to explore.

      Data flow: P21 to Magento

Standing Orders Sync

Since not all customers have large warehouses, they can buy the items in bulk and get them delivered periodically (say, once a month) when the need arises. The details of the standing orders are synced to keep everyone in the loop.

     Data flow: P21 to Magento

Sales Rep Sync

Sales reps sometimes place the order on behalf of companies, and every time Sales Reps are created/updated – they’ll be added as a user in the eCommerce store. The assigned customers under each Sales Rep are also synced.

  Data flow: P21 to Magento

MSI Van Route Sync

The shipping method is enabled. The company will supply the package if the delivery is within its limits. If not, a third-party agency will deliver the product. This is synced to keep customers aware of the product journey.

     Data flow: P21 to Magento

Products Sync

Only the existing Unit of Measure data available in the ERP will be synced with the eCommerce store. New products when added – the details of which will be created using the PIM solution they’ve integrated with.

    Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Order Sync

The orders after placed in Magento are synced to the ERP in the preset scheduled time to ensure seamless order management. We’ve centralized holistic order information for the team to process and fulfill them.

    Data Flow: Magento to P21

Pricing Sync

Every company will see the dynamic price set for them. Whereas, the same price would not be shown for a guest user. The relevant prices are fetched from the pricing library that is instated.

  Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Restricted Items

Since the company deals with chemicals, some products cannot be purchased by all in spite of being displayed. Buyers will have to send a request and only if that is approved, the items can be added to the cart.

  Data flow: P21 to Magento

Ship-To ID’s Sync

New Ship-To ID will be created in the frontend for order fulfillment. If there is any edit in P21, the same will be reflected in Magento also. This way, it is convenient to track the orders in transit.

  Data flow: P21 <> Magento (Bidirectional)

Invoice Payments Sync

For all B2B customers, only the Purchase Order Number is enabled to place an order. And the details of the same are generated to the eCommerce store and ERP. The invoices can be acquired and paid offline at regular intervals.

    Data flow: P21 <> Magento (Bidirectional)

Request Quote

When a customer requests a quote, we submit the quote from the pricing library. Say, a customer asks price for 1000 items. The price would already be set in sync and the same will be reflected, even during the buying process.

    Data flow: P21 to Magento

Dynamic Fetch Customer

Multiple companies can be added under one customer and the companies can themselves switch and play as per their convenience.

    Data Flow: P21 to Magento

Magento P21 Integration Benefits

Synchronizing business data creates vast opportunities for business growth. And our integration has been effective in tackling many real-time problems and can be implemented across the organization to power more superior growth and intelligent business functioning. Now that all the data is automatically synced across integral business use cases, Midland Scientific can add new API faster and quickly make customization. Also, they can see the log via Cloras and resync in case of any error, leaving no space for data mismanagement. Improved workflow to boost productivity and grow the business – now and ever made possible with Cloras.

Rodrigo Neves

Technology Officer

“With our main concern being customization and needing a complete solution to improve our website functionalities, we were very happy to have worked with the expertise of the DCKAP team. They were able to effectively and efficiently solve all of our pain points, and provide the best solutions through their detailed development work and in depth support.

DCKAP provided migration to Magento 2 along with detailed customization for our specific needs, as well as various new functionalities to help support our growth, and helping to provide all the necessary integration with their product, Cloras. We were more than satisfied with all the work done, and very impressed by the diligence and hard work of the DCKAP team. DCKAP has been an excellent partner for us, helping to grow our business and move us into the future, and we highly recommend working with them.”

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