Moody Price

Know how Moody Price handled the business functionalities through P21 and Magento Integration

About Moody Price

Moody Price L.L.C. is one of the largest providers of instrumentation, measurement & control, filtration & high-pressure products in the United States, partnering with over 110 suppliers across the globe for around two decades. Headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA and operating since 1955, the company is able to deliver to their customers 24-hour access to technical support, and houses over $6 million of inventory. Moreover, Moody-Price provides on-site inventory management trailers that can be outfitted to specific requirements of any turnaround or project, including disaster recovery.



eCommerce Store:

Moody Price has been running their eCommerce store in Magento – a completely scalable & customizable platform that caters to a broader spectrum of requirements ranging from small businesses to enterprises.

ERP Software:

The company uses Epicor P21 – a comprehensive application purposeful for industrial distribution, for managing their back end operations.

Challenges Faced

The company had its eCommerce platform in Magento 1. Magento previously announced that, effective from June 2020, it will no longer be providing services and new features for Magento 1 except for security patches. Because of this, the client understood the need to update from the outdated version.

They had their Magento & P21 working in SILOs which provided them with an array of problems:

    1. Customers who made offline orders found it difficult to track the same in the Magento storefront.
    2. They were unable to differentiate, separately process and synchronize orders of users who contacted them through Magento or P21 (offline orders) or as an anonymous (guest).
    3. Product Details and Inventory between the two systems were not in sync, and any updations in one application were difficult to process in the other.

Business Requirements

Moody Price contacted Cloras with the goal of solving these pain points and making things easier. After a brief discussion with our solution specialists and eCommerce experts, the company decided to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They also wanted to integrate their Magento store with Epicor P21 ERP and synchronize data, as per their business requirements.


Cloras, with the help of its migration experts, helped Moody Price migrate to Magento 2 Community edition as quickly as possible, with a responsive design and a seamless shopping experience. Our integration solution specialists elicited the Magento P21 Integration scenarios the client wanted to be set up with and running using CLORAS. The following were the business use cases that were made possible for Moody Price using CLORAS:

Customer Synchronization

The details of customers including contact history were set to synchronize from P21 to Magento based on the customer contact point, whether the first point of contact was offline (P21) or online (Magento).

   Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Inventory Synchronization

The up-to-date inventory information will be synchronized with the Magento storefront via repeated checks of inventory levels in P21 by CLORAS. The sync will execute when a discrepancy has been found in levels of both platforms.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Order Synchronization

Offline orders:

Orders made through calls or other offline modes by P21 users are set to synchronize with Magento on a schedule set in CLORAS

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Product Synchronization

All product details and catalog lists are synchronized on a schedule from P21 to Magento, for products that are allowed to synchronize with the Magento storefront.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Order Status Synchronization

The details of the orders, such as Order ID, shipping method, carrier info, and so on, are synchronized from P21 to Magento, and to be available for the customer upon log in to the eCommerce website.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento

Order Synchronization

Online Orders:

Any guest orders or orders placed in Magento are transferred to P21 based along with the order details. If the user who has made the order online is a P21 user, the shipment details will be extracted from P21 and the order will be placed in P21 combined with user & shipment details.

     Data Flow: Magento to Epicor Prophet 21

Cloras provided unparalleled service and support from our very first meeting through website launch. Both their design and development teams are some of the industry’s best made visible through their subject matter expertise, attention to detail, and, most importantly, response times. We turned to Cloras when our largest account needed us to integrate an e-procurement system. From there, we designed and developed a new website featuring this function in only a few months’ time. We have been consistently impressed with this company and have recommended them to numerous friends and colleagues.

– Kendall Ducote, Vice President of Technology

The Success Story

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