Quality Farm Supply

Know how Cloras gave a superstart with Advanced Shopify P21 Integration

About Quality Farm Supply

Quality Farm Supply strives to be “The Go-To Source for the Get-Go Farmer.” Whether the need is parts for production agriculture, farm supplies, or tractor parts, their huge selection of over 30,000 SKUs includes all manner of tractor parts, combine parts, cotton harvesting parts, disc harrow blades and parts, planter parts, tillage parts, bearings, hydraulics and much more.

p21 integration
p21 integration


eCommerce: Shopify

DCKAP helped Quality Farm Supply build their online business on Shopify, the all-in-one eCommerce platform upheld by compelling tools that help to develop customer experience and serve with top-notch features.

ERP: Prophet 21 (P21)

Managing backend information by uniting various features into one system to achieve their day-to-day business services with P21, the enterprise resource planning for distribution management.

Need For Transformation

Manual Effort

Manual data entry is time-consuming and a tad confusing. Might seem possible at first and might not feel the same once the brand starts to scale up the ladder of growth.

New eCommerce Store

Springing on a streamlined path! They aspired to sync ERP eCommerce so the team can focus more on driving sales and less on data-entry. Being afresh to eCommerce, this is an essential decision.

Customer Experience

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With real-time data and smooth experience, Quality Farm Supply desired to make buying a wholesome, likeable experience.


Business Requirements

Quality Farm Supply was new to the eCommerce way of selling, and they need that integration of ERP and eCommerce in the backend is as important as impressing the customers with an alluring store in the frontend. The team approached Cloras to integrate the information from critical use cases to streamline the business and give a consistent customer experience at every digital touchpoint.

Integration Solutions

Without an ERP eCommerce integration, many things can fall short and the repercussions of which seldom will not be felt immediately. Scattered customer data, complex internal workings, redundant data, and downscaled productivity are some of the drawbacks brands might encounter without an ERP eCommerce Integration.

Fortunately, Quality Farm Supply will be advancing in terms of growth as they’re stepping into the online space supported by a robust Shopify P21 ERP Integration. Following are the business use cases that Cloras integrated into this project to sync and streamline the way business happens.

Products Sync

Product data such as price, weight, makeshift code, SKUs, product descriptions, and so on, will be synced from P21 to Shopify to provide complete visibility all over the shopping experience.

    Data Flow: P21 to Shopify

Inventory Sync

The inventory based on the location (warehouse) will be synced in tandem along with the stock availability so the stakeholders can maintain the ideal inventory at all times, and customers can receive orders on time.

    Data Flow: P21 to Shopify

Order Sync

After a customer places an order in the Shopify eCommerce store, the order details will be synced in the P21. This way, it will be convenient for the operations team to keep track and fulfill every order.

     Data Flow: Shopify to P21

Order Status Sync

Order processing done in P21 is synchronized with Shopify, so the buyers are aware of the order status, delivery date, etc. theory simplifying the end-customer experience with real-time ability of order data.

    Data Flow: P21 to Shopify

Shopify P21 Integration Benefits: The Road Ahead

Reduced manual effort, auto-sync of important business data that influences daily operations, and increased customer satisfaction with real-time data – As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Quality Farm Supply, being a brand launching their new online store – the team at Cloras ensured all the vital data points are connected, so there is seamless data flow to and fro. Now, the concern of data integration should naively no longer exist. And not only this integration is a transcendent way to keep everything streamlined, but it can also inspire the team to make data-driven decisions to keep customers pleased and keep them coming back for more.

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