Know how Technico implemented complex business functionalities through custom P21 API and Magento 2 P21 Integration

About Technico

Technico is an established Industrial Equipment Supplier, a THK sales and distribution organization, that provides THK motion control products and services. Incorporated in 1986, Technico specializes in supplying industrial applications such as machine tool, metalworking, automotive, automation, transfer equipment, glass, robotics, tire and rubber, medical, injection molding, pick and place, press, steel mill equipment, packaging, and special machinery, among others. Their staff consists of outside sales, engineering services and Inside Sales specialists in THK motion control products and with an 8000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and machine shop associates who provide inventory, shipping, receiving, assembly and machining services on site.

Their presence is all across an array of industrial users including automotive assembly plants, steel mills, stamping facilities, light and lamp plants, and a host of other large industrial users.



eCommerce Implementation:

A robust, scalable and customizable eCommerce platform. This was what the Technico team had been looking for. They wanted an expert solution provider to meet their ever-expanding eCommerce needs. Then they found DCKAP, an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider, as their friend in need. Our team of eCommerce solution specialists and expert developers took the wheel, right from gathering requirements to delivering the eCommerce store and post-implementation support. DCKAP delivered a top-notch eCommerce store for Technico in Magento 2, a full-fledged open-source platform that meets any degree of customizations.


Technico uses Epicor Prophet 21 as its Enterprise Resource Planning software. Since Epicor Prophet 21 is a robust distribution software, they had the best-fit ERP to handle all their back end operations, such as warehouse management, order processing & fulfillment, and customer relationship management.

Challenges Faced

After their eCommerce store was prepared in Magento 2, Technico anticipated that they might face the following problems: 

  1. Magento 2 implementation, SEO optimization, and marketing will exponentially boost the quantum of online store orders, customer registrations and quote requests. They felt that as a result, they would find it increasingly difficult to handle them.
  2. Magento 2 and P21 are two different systems with different data types and specifications. It will not be directly feasible to transfer data (either manually or automated) between the two of them. 
  3. Manually transferring data is an arduous process that leads to a lack of productivity due to wasting time on unwanted redundant activities. 
  4. Teams responsible for back-office operations would not be able to get the required data at the required time for fulfilling eCommerce orders.

Business Requirements

The client felt the need to automate data transfers and business processes across its major applications. They wanted their front end and back end applications to talk to each other and eliminate human intervention for data transfer. Furthermore, the clients’ integration requirements included complex data transfer logic to connect with Epicor Prophet 21 which the native Prophet 21 API was unable to cater to.


CLORAS Integration experts and solution specialists outlined the Magento P21 Integration process to the Technico team and drafted the following list of data points/pipes which the client wanted to integrate between Magento and P21.

Customer Data

Customer data such as new customer registration and customer information updates on Magento 2 store synchronizes real-time with Prophet 21 ERP.

   Data Flow: Magento 2 to Epicor Prophet 21

Order Status Using Custom P21 API

Order processing done in Prophet 21 is synchronized with Magento 2 so that customers know the up to date order status, delivery date, and location in transit. The complex integration logic involved in order processing was made possible using the CLORAS custom Prophet 21 API.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento 2

New Orders

Orders placed on Magento 2 move to Prophet 21, alongside the respective customer details and payment details.

     Data Flow: Magento 2 to Epicor Prophet 21

Product Information

A primary information of products such as name, category, description, along with other information such as stock levels, product prices, will be communicated from Prophet 21 to Magento 2.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento 2

Product Inventory

Inventory is synchronized in real time from Prophet 21 to Magento 2, keeping allowance for showcasing different statuses based on different stock levels. Thus one can easily check the inventory during the checkout phase.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento 2

Pricing Details

Pricing of each and every existing and new product will be synchronized from Prophet 21 ERP to Magento 2.

     Data Flow: Epicor Prophet 21 to Magento 2

Magento 2 + Epicor Prophet 21: Post Integration Scenario

Magento P21 Integration was delivered on time by our integration experts to the Technico team with all the promised data points synchronized and integration flow up and running. The client was very happy to see the integration setup successfully and important dataflows automated. With this new and improved workflow, Technico scaled up their distribution business and expanded their reach through Magento P21 Integration using CLORAS.

Technico has worked with DCKAP to provide an interface between our ERP system, Epicor Prophet 21, and our Magento eCommerce site, via their CLORAS API. Their insight, teamwork and knowledge base has proved invaluable to the progress of the project. Technico also uses DCKAP to optimize our SEO and PPC programs. They have been very easy to work with, thorough and detail-oriented. Web search and ad buys are extremely important to our ongoing business success, and DCKAP’s talented employees make sure we are a step ahead of our competition

Tom, Owner of Technico

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