ERP Integration Powered by Cloras Cloud Platform

Automate your ERP Integrations with eCommerce, CRM, and other systems. Cloras effortlessly integrates with leading ERP systems like SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle E-Business Suite, Acumatica Cloud ERP, Epicor Eclipse, Epicor P21, Distribution One, DDI Inform, and much more.

Why ERP Integration?

Why do you need ERP Integration?

Without ERP integration, you might face the
following roadblocks:

  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive operations due to manual data transfer 
  • Inefficient and error-prone data management in applications
  • Lack of Access to Critical Data whenever required
  • Inconsistent data flow between systems and outdated processes
  • Hampered team collaboration and transparency
  • Poor Sales Funnel Tracking and conversions
  • Poor handling of production, inventory, customers and shipping information
  • Complexity of managing multiple applications
  • Inaccuracy in business decisions due to incorrect forecasts

Salient Features of ERP Integration
using Cloras Middleware

ERP Integration

Cloras for your ERP Integration

Multi-Platform Integration

Integrate your ERP platform with multitudes of applications such as Ecommerce and CRM.

Real Time Synchronization

Synchronize dynamic data in ERP instantaneously with all your eCommerce, CRM, and other data points.

Advanced Mapping and Modifiers

Integrate all ERP data fields in one go. Incorporate complex business logic without developer support.

Automated Scheduling

Focus more on your business. Just set up a sync schedule and let CLORAS take the wheel, synchronizing information from ERP to other applications.

Advanced Logging

Log and also back up every piece of information transferred from/to ERP such as processed transactions and leftovers.

Secure Transactions

Using CLORAS, your ERP Integration transactions remain highly encrypted and secure.

Cloras seamlessly integrates with the
leading ERP systems

Benefits of Integrating your ERP
using CLORAS

Centralization of Data

Maintain all data in one accessible location, and allow your ERP to enhance business processes by reducing the time taken to wait for information between different departments and applications.

Centralization of Data
Workflow Visualization

Workflow Visualization

High end data visualization is made possible by integrating your ERP with systems such as CRM, and the project management application enables everyone to monitor as well as prioritize tasks and goals.

Reliable Decision Making

Integrating your ERP helps you leverage an efficient data flow and workflow between departments that helps provide insights to make higher level business decisions.

Reliable Decision Making
High End Customization

High-End Customization

Eliminate complications while customizing data such as product information, dynamic pricing, custom products, and much more. Make the change in your ERP and let CLORAS assist in reflecting it in all your applications.

Improved Data Accuracy and Speed

Prevent complexities due to data duplications, incorrect or missing data due to manual entry in individual applications. Make the change only in your ERP and CLORAS instantaneously synchronizes it everywhere.

Improved Data accuracy and speed
Sales Funnel Optimization

Sales Funnel Optimization

Integrating your ERP with systems such as CRM helps departments gain a comprehensive view of customer interactions and in turn, helps optimize your sales funnel conversions.

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