DCKAP Culture

At DCKAP, culture is not a ‘buzzword’ for the month. It is an integral part of our personal and work life. It is an invisible cord that binds us all.

Ethics and Integrity

This is the foundation and first principle on which we have built DCKAP. Everything else comes next.

Smart and Humble

We hire people who are smarter than us. We feel this is the only way we can raise our standards. Being humble is a lovable trait.

Team Work

We do not work in silos or ivory towers. We work together, share the load, help each other, align our personal interests to achieve a common goal.

Learning Organization

We love people who do not shy away from challenges and eager to learn new technologies. Certifications are admired and we absorb the costs.

Continuous Education

We understand the importance of mentoring and guidance. We invest in continuous learning.

Readers are Leaders

We encourage our employees to cultivate the habit of reading which helps to transform them as leaders. It inculcates a sense of analysis and key takeaways from each reading experience is immense.

We are a Community

We collaborate through conversations and knowledge sharing. We believe in everybody having a holistic knowledge of all that we offer; something we achieve through encouraging interactions with our peers and colleagues.

Work Life Balance

We want our employees to spend time with their loved ones. We expect them to focus, prioritize and complete their work on time.

Customer Centric

We love our customers. We understand their and their customer’s business. We underpromise and overdeliver. We know they are our pay masters. We strive to keep them happy, always.


We encourage our employees to travel, near and far…to conferences, workshops, meetups and more. Travel exposes our strengths and weaknesses.


We never discuss quality because it is a given. We endeavor to bring about world-class quality in all our work.

Problem Solvers

There are ‘problem-sayers’ and there are ‘problem-solvers’. We are in the problem-solving business. We respect doers who solve problems rather than talk about it.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

We go the extra mile to keep our offices clean, rest rooms dry, and our desks uncluttered. We like it that way.

We all are Equal and We Differentiate

We are a flat organization. All are equal here. The only differentiation is our work. In that sense, some are ‘more equal’ than others.

Women Leaders

Nearly half of our employees are women. They bring spirit, energy, and dedication to their work. Some of our best Tech & QA leads, Product managers are women. We have no glass ceilings here. Winning teams always have more women.

Be a Brand

We urge our employees to write blogs, speak at conferences, organize meetups, build products, compete in contests, be active in forums and more. Through their work and thought leadership, we want our employees to be a brand.

Think like a CEO

Our employees share the vision of the company, look out for growth opportunities, take advantage of the next wave of disruption, be an intrapreneur and innovate.


Food is our best friend. After a full belly everything is poetry.
We work hard, have fun. Our work is much easier that way.
We are stubborn about our goals and are flexible about the methods.
Our work goes places and so does our team.
Forget the codes and rules, if you like it wear it.
We believe that health is the best wealth that we have.
We never understand life until it grows within you.
We work together, have fun and collect moments.

Explore. Experiment.

Discover the CEO within you.