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DCKAP – An integration solution provider with expertise in successful effective eCommerce implementations for B2B and B2C businesses. We have helped several distributors and wholesalers with efficient integration solutions that can be coupled with their eCommerce platform for higher ROI, improved productivity, and reduced costs.

Cloras – Our middleware seamlessly connects Distribution One ERP with any eCommerce platform. Achieve complete automation over your orders, sales, inventory, and customer data by integrating your eCommerce platform with ERP-ONE+ software through our middleware.

We have strengthened our partnership with Distribution One over the years and established numerous client relationships. Join us to witness the digital transformation for your business and pave your way for a successful eCommerce journey.

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Merits of Distribution One ERP Integration

Integrate Your eCommerce Platform With Distribution One ERP To Attain Ideal Automation Solutions For Your Business. Here's What You'll Get Post Integrating Via Our Middleware.

Quick Order Processing

Instant access to all significant data such as invoice, tracking status, shipping info, and delivery-related information

Advanced Data Flow

Complete synchronization and automation between business storage points including price, order, sales, customer, and product data

Inventory Management

Better inventory control by analyzing the stock capacity and updating them in the front-end of your eCommerce Platform

Customized Sales Tax

Integration of sales tax by enabling auto-update of tax levied upon customer bills based on their geographical location


Speed up business processes with the elimination of manual data entry and redundancy, resulting in more productivity

Zero Errors

Accurate data transfer and streamlined flow, reducing the errors that occur in manual data feeding processes

Seamlessly Connect Distribution One To All Your Business End Points

Is your business running on these applications? Realize a Unified Workflow by connecting them with Distribution One.

Our Distributor & Wholesaler Clients Using Our Integration Solution With Distribution One

Micro DAQ

Aliquantum International

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