Optimizing Your Online Growth Strategy

The eCommerce industry has transformed the way people shop. A report by Statista says the global retail eCommerce will generate sales of $4.88 trillion in coming years, and revenue generated through B2B eCommerce have crossed $1 trillion mark with a massive growth at 11% rate. The sales are expected to expand in the years to come.

It is essential every eCommerce enterprise has a strong online presence and a marketing strategy to drive sales. DCKAP has been influential in providing best in class eCommerce experiences for over 300+ eCommerce businesses.

We formulate strategies to attract new customers, nurture customer loyalty, maximize customer retention, optimize buying options, and provide enriching experiences to your customers.

Read further to understand what DCKAP Marketing Services offers, to scale your brand towards success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the vast wilderness of web, your website runs the great risk of fading into obscurity. We help Google find, index, and rank your site. If you have an online store, we can help your business grow, earn your website more traffic and more sales, all in an organic way.

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page Fixes
  • Bi-Weekly On-Page Audit
  • Bi-Weekly Off-Page Audit
  • Implementation of Rich-Snippets
  • Robots and Sitemap implementation

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is going to play a huge role in eCommerce, as its revenue is  expected to touch $48 billion in the years to come. Create compelling content, establish your brand, and reach the right set of shoppers using the latest in-trend strategies. We are specialized in the following platforms:

  • Facebook Adverts
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Strategy and Ideas to Promote Organic Tweets

PPC - Paid Marketing

We deliver the results you desire. Our team analyzes your business, does market research based on your brand’s positioning and comes up with a strategy to help your business grow with SEM. We run the campaign in the following platforms, and if there is any other platform you want us to add, we are happy to explore.

  • Text Ad
  • Sitelinks and Ad extensions
  • Display Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Lead Campaign
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Remarketing/Dynamic Remarketing
  • Google Shopping Ads

Email Marketing

Email marketing still generates high ROI in any eCommerce sway, if done the right way. From creating specific audience-based mail strategies, keeping your customers informed on the latest products, to converting subscribers into customers, we cover it all.

  • Segmentation
  • eCommerce Automation Mail Campaigns :
    • Abandoned Cart Email
    • Specific Product Follow-Up
    • First Purchase
    • Best Customers
    • Retargeting Email Campaigns
  • Analysis
  • Integration
  • Customization
  • Newsletters Based on Business Need

Google Analytics

Not knowing how your online store is performing will cost you a lot, in terms of time and effort. With Google Analytics in reach, you can analyze your visitors’ behaviors based on their browsing trends, and cater to their needs competently.

  • User Behavior
  • Website Metrics
  • Order Information
  • Product Performance
  • Category Performance
  • Checkout Behaviors
  • Shopping Behaviors
  • Custom Events

Conversion Optimization

Do you have a website that does not deliver the conversion rate you expect? Any website needs continuous and substantive innovation to stand out and excel. We help you identify what exactly suites your website by doing in depth market research to increase conversions and bring in new sales through optimization.

  • Engage Existing Customers and Boost Return Sales
  • Analyze flaws in the webpage with various tools
  • Track user behavior and user flow on the website
  • Analyze acquisition channels and keywords
  • Understand our target audience traffic
  • Finding the right audience for your online store
  • Competitors Research

Landing Page Ideation And Strategy

Creating accurate landing pages are a sure shot way to generate traffic and revenue to the products your brand deals with. Having landing pages will help you pivot your business competently. We will help you strategize the right plan and place the buzzing keywords in key places.

  • Keyword Focused
  • Conversion Optimized
  • Tracking Visitor Actions in Landing Page
  • Competitor Analysis for Betterment of Landing Page

Case Study - Bottlestore

Read on to know how we made Bottlestore mark its presence in the online marketplace with DCKAP Marketing Services. We resolved an issue that prevented the customers to order product samples online. As an outcome, received thousands of sample orders every month.

  • 18% Conversion Rate Upsurge
  • 22% More Revenue Generated
  • Website Maintenance & Support
  • Mobile Optimization & Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • DesignPerformance Optimization & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

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“DCKAP has been instrumental in streamlining the development process and continued maintenance for our Magento site. Their attention to detail, response time and expertise have been invaluable in getting our site up to speed and improving conversion. We have been continually impressed by the quality of work and tight turn around times DCKAP and Mohan Natarajan are able to deliver on, and we look forward to our continuing our work together.”

Jessie KressenCreative Services Manager, Bottle Store - O.Berk Company

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