p21 wwug connect 2019

E-commerce & ERP Integration Webinar

24th January 2019 | 8:30 AM PST

Are you looking forward to integrating your eCommerce & ERP? You definitely do not want to miss this!

DCKAP, a digital commerce leader in the eCommerce space will be going LIVE to give exclusive insights into their home grew product CLORAS. This webinar will specifically focus on P21 integration, however, the approach is the same for any ERP, provided APIs are available to connect with.

Why you should attend the webinar
  • Explore the eCommerce-P21 integration domain
  • Capabilities of CLORAS as a platform
    • Integrate transactions like Customer information, Order information, Order processing & much more
    • Manage complex field mappings from within the dashboard
    • Configure the transactions- manual, automatic or real-time
  • Setup, Configuration and general usage of the tool
  • And much more

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Technology Alliances

Srihari is a Senior Business Analyst at DCKAP. He displays a genuine zeal for the E-Commerce space and is actively learning about the current trends. Keen on maintaining active communication with clients, Srihari is always looking to add value to his projects. Being one of the key stakeholders of the CLORAS integrator product, he will drive the webinar to showcase capabilities and discuss use cases in a regular business scenario. When not working, he can be found biking, playing the guitar, or catching up with astrophysics.

DCKAP’s Expertise


DCKAP has over 12+ years of experience in which we’ve delivered high performance digital commerce solutions for over 300 clients in the B2B and B2C spaces. Our diverse team includes certified experts in Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.