Magento to BigCommerce Migration

The Journey to Better Performance and High Scalability

Making the Change from Magento 1
- End of Life -

Are you currently running on Magento 1? Are you looking for an alternative solution, so you can increase your business and get more from your experience? As the world’s leading SaaS eCommerce platform for fast-growing brands and high-volume businesses, BigCommerce is the perfect platform for your migration needs.

Making this change can be the ultimate solution for you in case you are looking for migration from Magento while it helps you to scale your business and improve overall performance and security for your business. BigCommerce caters to all businesses, from small startups to Enterprise brands, offering complete support with omni-channel capabilities and B2B functionality. Take the journey with BigCommerce to grow your business and ensure it’s prepared for the future.

Why Migrate from Magento to BigCommerce?

  • Save time and costs related to management and customization with the ease of use and scalability of BigCommerce, so you can grow your business right now.
  • Take advantage of the numerous features, designs, and add-ons that are easy to install, as well as the intuitive dashboard.
  • The hosting is built in, so you can feel comfortable with the immediate availability of security and fraud protection, PCI compliance, and hosting maintenance.
  • It takes less time to develop and customize, and BigCommerce integrates effortlessly with external ERP or CRM systems.
  • BigCommerce supports mobile responsiveness and includes built-in SEO features to help increase organic exposure and ranking.
  • Magento 1 support will be limited after June of 2020, and you will no longer receive any security patches or updates for your website, leaving your site vulnerable.
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Benefits of BigCommerce

  • Offers cloud-based storage, so you get unlimited scalability and can eliminate the cost of adding extra server capacity.
  • Eliminates the costs of server maintenance, as well as hosting, repairs, bug fixes, and software upgrades.
  • Delivers seamless integrations and advanced fulfillment options, elevating the entire customer experience.
  • Provides simple third-party app and social media integration, with only a few clicks or a minimal amount of coding.
  • Easy customization options with open APIs, making it easier for web designers to customize for your needs.
  • Extremely user-friendly controls, so you can easily manage administrative tasks all on your own.
  • Provides an increase in conversion rates and overall revenue.

Why Use BigCommerce Over Magento 2?

If you are looking for an alternative eCommerce platform that will significantly lower costs and help to scale your business, then migrating to BigCommerce is the right choice. With the generous amount of savings, you can free up your investments and resources for areas that will grow your business, instead of having to worry about maintenance and upkeep.

  • A highly expandable and flexible platform that helps you develop faster.
  • A market leader in omni-channel retailing with more out-of-the-box features.
  • Guaranteed, multi-layered security and immediate automatic upgrades.
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Powerful Apps and Integration

BigCommerce has an extensive marketplace along with different sellers and several apps in store for you. It consists of an ample range of useful apps, including both paid and free apps being available.

  • BigCommerce is a powerful and flexible platform and its capabilities can be enhanced through eCommerce and integrations in the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace.
  • The BigCommerce Marketplace is the #1 source of high-quality apps and trusted integrations for merchants.
  • All the apps and integrations are reviewed based on their standards for the BigCommerce marketplace before being published.
  • The apps and integrations in the BigCommerce store are reviewed and verified for their simple and user-friendly installation and setup.
  • The apps are also tested for their functionalities, compatibility with BigCommerce platform features and storefront, and the content of the listing.
  • There are 100s of apps of various categories ranging from Accounting & Tax to ERP to B2B/Wholesale helping the users decide the apps that will help create a surge in their business.
  • Cumulative installs of apps on the BigCommerce platform are also at a record high and growing by an average of 3.7% each month over the past 12 months, in the neighborhood of 2,700 net new installs a month.

Magento to BigCommerce Migration Process

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Some BigCommerce Statistics


Reduced Expenses


Faster Go-to-Market Time


Industry-Leading Uptime


Uptime During Cyber Week Four Years Running
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DCKAP - Your BigCommerce Migration Partner

  • DCKAP is a Certified BigCommerce Partner.
  • We specialize in building custom BigCommerce solutions.
  • With our integration experience, we handle B2B and B2C needs with ease.
  • We excel in creating customer-centric themes and mobile responsive layouts.
  • We help improve performance and drive revenue.
  • Providing superior customer service is our strength
  • Some of our specialties include
    • Aggregating Information
    • Devising Content Strategies
    • Image Optimization
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Innovative & Interactive UI/UX
    • And Much More!

DCKAP Integrator – BigCommerce – P21 Connector

Usually, ERP is the source of business data. It is here that most of the Accounting, CRM, Sales, Finance, Purchase, Warehouse, and other data are maintained. When a merchant considers a new channel of business like an online store, then he/she would like the ERP data to be truthfully reflected in the online store too. This transfer of data is a huge challenge for the manufacturer or distributor. This is where the Bigcommerce – P21 Connector comes into the picture. DCKAP Integrator helps to seamlessly synchronize the data between P21 and BigCommerce.

DCKAP Integrator allows:

  • Synchronization of products stock level
  • Display customer contract pricing (Dynamic Pricing)
  • Real-time integration of customer information (Contact and Shipping Address)
  • Scheduled update of product-related information (Name, Weight, Description, and more)
  • Automatic update of the order process (Invoices, Shipment, Tracking Number, Status)

DCKAP Integrator syncs and automates your connections between BigCommerce and P21 ERP.

BigCommerce Certified Agency

As a BigCommerce Certified Agency, we build custom solutions that meet the specific needs of our BigCommerce clients. With over a decade of experience in helping clients with their digital commerce needs, we understand that building a successful eCommerce website and a standout online store can be a complex process. At DCKAP, our certified BigCommerce experts meet this task head-on and curate the best solutions for your unique business needs.

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