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Our team of experts helps you migrate your eCommerce store to BigCommerce seamlessly for better ROI, enterprise scalability and more consumer reach.

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bigcommerce migration services

Magento To BigCommerce Migration Services

Magento is known for its rich features and flexibility from the word go. However, some merchants who do not have enough technical resources and time find it difficult to maneuver. In some cases, providing resources for hosting, security or any additional functionality can prove to be a bit of a challenge; especially for merchants who are scaling their business.

While Magento is an amazing eCommerce solution provider, for some clients; BigCommerce is a better fit. At DCKAP, we ensure that our clients only get the best reference and have the ease of migrating their data and functionality effortlessly.

Top Reasons For Magento To BigCommerce Migration:

  • It comes at a much more affordable cost, making it ideal for business ventures of all scales and sizes.
  • No requirement of extra server capacity. It is cloud-based and has high scalability too.
  • Seamless integrations provide delightful customer experience
  • Eliminates costs associated with hosting, maintenance of the server, software upgrades and even hosting
  • Easy customization options with open APIs making web design suited to your needs
  • Known for increasing conversion rates

Shopify Plus To BigCommerce Migration Services

Shopify Plus boasts of a 126% rate in scalability for its consumers. This platform is known for its ease of access and customer satisfaction too. However, in our experience we have realized that not all platforms can be a fit for everyone. For certain clients, BigCommerce proves to be a better choice based on requirements and need for third party apps as well as more efficient content management services.

At DCKAP, we scrutinize the current scenario of your storefront and suggest the best possible option for you to scale higher towards more profits. To that effect, for certain clients we recommend switching to BigCommerce.

Top Reasons For ShopifyPlus To BigCommerce Migration:

  • Provides a robust feature set relevant to both; B2B and B2C customers
  • Heavily focussed on decoupling core parts of any platform and promoting headless commerce
  • Comes with a rapidly growing partner ecosystem
  • Many high volume consumers come as set precedents for trust and reliability

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