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Why QA Testing Is Needed?

QA Testing comprises a lot more than just finding bugs or simply testing the flow of the application. It scrutinizes the defects that may hamper the workflow and ensures qualitative development at every step. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Detects bugs at an early stage and fixes them right in the beginning
  • Ensures cost saving along with the superior quality of usage
  • Provides your online store with the required security
  • Gives an effortless user experience
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DCKAP BigCommerce Quality Assurance Services

Take a look at the wide-range of BigCommerce QA Testing Services DCKAP offers and what our BigCommerce Quality Assurance Testing services cover, to ensure your online stores deliver unparalleled shopping experiences to your customers.

Most coveted eCommerce merchants strive towards delivering solutions that are completely free of defects. QA Testing is a sure-shot way to ensure that you prevent mistakes and deliver a top-notch quality product. It consists of:

BigCommerce End-to-end Application Testing

  • API is Core to the Technology
  • New Architecture for Speed
  • Open-source (CE)
  • Ships With Less
  • PHP 5.6+ / 7.0
  • Native Support HTML5 & CSS3
  • RWD Theme Included
  • Advanced Content Staging

BigCommerce Compatibility Testing

  • Conducting an expansive QA for different browsers
  • In-depth analysis of multiple features
  • Analysis conducted for both Android and iOS
  • SEstablish hassle-free UX in mobile devices

BigCommerce Automation Testing

  • Different test situations from automation requirements
  • Create automation framework with tools fitting your needs
  • Make a defect report on the basis of automated test suite execution
  • Intimate the stakeholders about the status of the test scripts execution

BigCommerce Performance Testing

  • Estimate the load capacity that a website is able to handle
  • Test scripts of varying load sets are tested
  • Performance report based on extensive testing guidelines
  • Provide an accurate report with issues in performance
  • Test execution is done with a clone user
  • Workflow is ensured with varying loads
  • Testing conducted on different thresholds

BigCommerce Accessibility Testing

  • Extensive manual QA on application usage
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis
  • Find gap in accessibility through multiple screen readers such as VoiceOver, JAWS, etc
  • Explicitly ADA audit report is provided
  • Accessibility experts work in accordance with WCAG 2.1 Level A and Level AA standards
  • Recommendation for implementation of a remediation strategy
  • Provide continuous support for maintenance

BigCommerce Payment Gateway Analysis

  • Evaluating different types of payment providers
  • Check and also verify DSS-PCI compliance
  • Ensure that the selected payment gateway is accepted in all devices
  • Run a check to analyze authentication errors

BigCommerce Regression Testing

  • Provide with a strategy for regression testing
  • Provide a complete list of regression test cases
  • Find defects in the log

BigCommerce Integration Testing

  • Deep dive testing into each module
  • Complete evaluation of the requirements of core business modules
  • Detailed test case execution is done in order to attain component integration
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