Now is the perfect time for your Magento 2 Migration!

Still on Magento 1? Here’s your chance for a smooth Magento 2 migration. Our 10-step process brings about a seamless migration without any data loss. We ensure zero downtime during the migration process for enhanced operational capabilities.

From data migration to performance optimization, our certified Magento experts help you go live with your Magento 2 store in just 12 weeks.

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Why Migrate To Magento 2?

Stay abreast of latest innovations in the eCommerce fraternity with Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration – where enhanced functionality and optimized performance meets customers’ business needs.

  • No new features in M1 except for security patches
  • Improved Business Intelligence & rich B2C / B2B functionalities
  • M1 to M2 migration takes planning & time (3-6 months), so plan the transition process now
  • Magento 2 Commerce has some rich B2C and B2B functionalities
  • M2.x Benefits – Performance & scalability, improved SEO capabilities, Mobile Friendliness
  • The move to Magento 2 can be a positive and profitable experience

Magento 2 Features

From flexible architecture to accelerated site performance, Magento 2 enhances users’ experience at every touchpoint and helps brands unleash their true blue eCommerce potential. Below listed are some highlighted features to boost B2B/B2C functionalities in your website.

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  • API is Core to the Technology
  • New Architecture for Speed
  • Open-source (CE)
  • Ships With Less
  • PHP 5.6+ / 7.0
  • Native Support HTML5 & CSS3
  • RWD Theme Included
  • Advanced Content Staging
  • Elastic Search
  • New Architecture for Speed
  • In-site PayPal Experience
  • PCI Compliance Hosted Fields
  • Integrated Video (PDP)
  • FPC (EE) / Varnish
  • Zero Table Locking (checkout)
  • Better Automated Tests
  • JS – Jquery
  • Responsive Admin Panel Design
  • Customizable Data Grid
  • EE Pricing by Order Volume
  • Streamlined Checkout Process
  • payment and shipping methods
  • Rigorous Extension Testing
  • All-new Marketplace

Successful Migration Projects

Marysville Marine

With multi-site/multi-location support, added B2B features, and P21 integration, our expert team perfected Magento 2 migration, resulting in 50% faster site speed and a conversion rate of over 35%.

Robertson Lighting

Our migration services made way for an SEO-compliant website with clear-cut website redesign and a highly customized workflow 78% increase in revenue with a 66% surge in online traffic.

Moody Price

A fully customizable Magento site, reflecting the current web standards, is put in place with improved UI/UX and endless customizations, guaranteeing an aesthetically pleasing website.

C-Line Products

Seamless Magento 2 migration brought about fully optimized B2B/B2C websites with the accurate migration of data worth 70 years.

Our 10-Step Migration Process From Our Certified Magento 2 Experts

DCKAP offers a perfect migration process that entails 10 simple steps.


Our certified Magento professionals are here to migrate your online storefront to Magento 2 for an improved digital commerce experience.

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