Magento Audit

Improve your ROI, security, and visibility with our audits. We provide an in-depth report with recommendations to boost conversions.

Magento UI/UX Audit

94% of users abandon websites with outdated web design! No matter how beautiful or vibrantly layered your website is – if your visitors cannot find what they are looking for or if the site is deemed to be slow – it ain’t good news for your business.

UI/UX Audit is a great way to understand your users, and doing so; can improve quality based on customer experiences.

Better user experience and the interface is all about enhancing your customers’ satisfaction. A simpler, clearer and more consistent Magento UI will result in many positives, including more sales, conversions, and enhanced brand value.

Site user-friendliness and low effort shopping experience are the key, and a Magento Site Audit helps you achieve both.

DCKAP’s UI/UX Audit of your Magento store meets the needs of your users by improving the accessibility, usability, and user interaction. We also help you improve the user flow that converts visitors into customers.

What DCKAP’s Magento Audit will help you achieve?

  • Better Conversion Rates
  • More Lead Generation
  • Increased User Engagement
  • More Understandable Info Architecture
  • Less Support Need
  • Happier Customers

Magento Code and Performance Audit

Why are website performance and speed the most important thing? Because customers will not wait than 3 seconds for a web page to load before abandoning an online store.

And no one wants to shop on a slow and unresponsive online store!

Well-developed online stores help build brand credibility and fosters customer engagement. And it is essential to optimize your online stores to improve your web performance.

Make your Magento powered online store more profitable by undertaking a Magento 2 Audit to understand the bottlenecks that prevent conversions and eliminate them to increase your site’s performance.

Our Performance Audit Covers:

  • Commercial/3rd Party Extensions.
  • Custom Extensions
  • Core Analysis
  • Cache Analysis
  • Catalog Analysis
  • Frontend and Download Time Analysis

What you will get after our Magento Performance Audit?

  • Magento Configuration Review.
  • Performance Review.
  • Security Risks
  • Recommended Updates

Magento Security Audit

The last thing any eCommerce Merchant will expect is their online store falling prey to security hacks and vulnerabilities.

The sooner you identify areas of potential vulnerability and resist security breaches in your current Magento implementation, the safer your online store will be as you scale up the ladder of growth.

DCKAP’s Magento Security Audit Professionals will check performance issues, missing security patches, reasons behind more frequent errors, and includes the following:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Scan
  • Penetration Testing
  • Installation of Security Patches
  • Web-app Security Testing
  • Source Code Analysis and Custom Code Audit
  • Malware Scanning and Cleaning
  • Review of Admin Panel Configuration
  • Server Environment Review

After the audit, you will get a Magento Audit Report and guidance of resolving these issues, so they don’t again appear in the future.

Are you still on Magento 1? Magento 1 will end in June 2020, and if your store is still on M1 – your website will be more prone to security attacks. Migrate to M2 now!

Magento SEO Audit

Do you know how well your website is performing? Get a detailed insight into where your online store stands in terms of online presence and visibility.

If your website drops off the Search Engine Results Page, you will have a website with low traffic and no conversions.

Well, 50% of consumers are most likely to click on a search result if your brand appears multiple times on the results page and 40.3% of all the click-through traffic is from the top 4 results on Google – what does both these stats say?

Brands on top of Google search results always will and have a competitive advantage over the ones that follow. It is time to identify what is stopping your brand from getting on top and fix them.

Why is Magento SEO Audit needed?

  • Helps you improve search rankings
  • Make your site SEO Friendly
  • Enriching user experience

What you will get after our Magento 2 SEO Audit?

  • Insights on your top keywords
  • Know where optimizations are needed
  • Report on website traffic
  • Backlinks Audit Report
  • Competitors’ Keyword Analysis

Magento AMP Web Pages

eCommerce experts predict that mobile commerce will dominate the eCommerce industry with 54% ($659 billion) in sales by 2021. Online shopping via mobile is on the rise, and the time is perfect for providing the best user experience with AMP.

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a free and open-source framework that allows you to create mobile pages that deliver content quickly.

DCKAP built AMP web pages are 85% faster than non-accelerated mobile pages.

AMP consists of HTML, JS, and cache libraries that, thanks to specific extensions and AMP-focused properties, accelerate load speed for mobile pages, even if they feature ‘rich’ content like infographics, PDFs, audio or video files.

Benefits of AMP Web Pages

  • Reduced Load Time
  • Low Bounce Rate
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Can be molded in any browser type
  • Accessible on all mobile devices
  • Increased ROI on Ads
  • Improve Google Search Rankings
  • Brings in more site traffic

Magento Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Prominence and Popularity – PWAs are forerunners in both.

PWAs are web applications that are regular web pages or websites but can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile applications.

Combining capabilities of both websites and mobile apps, DCKAP builds PWAs that helps you to create an immersive user experience for your customers, thereby increasing user engagement and conversion rates.

The Impact of PWA – take a look at the key benefits on why PWA is already on the verge of becoming the game-changer:

  • 68% Increase in Mobile Traffic
  • 52% Average Conversions Increase
  • 42.86% Lower Bounce Rate
  • 133.67% Increase in Page Views

Benefits of PWAs on Magento Stores

  • No Updates Required
  • Very Less Data Usage
  • Great for SEO
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Offline Access
  • Fast Installation
  • Quick Loading Time

Magento 2 Certified Agency

With a solid team of Magento 2 Trained Developers with about 10+ years of experience and Magento 1 Certified Developers with about 30+ certifications, DCKAP helps Magento Customers to transform in order to improve their performance and competitive positioning. DCKAP is also a Magento U Authorised Trainer.

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