Magento QA Services

Quality Assurance is essential to any delivery team!

It is the responsibility of eCommerce Merchants to prevent mistakes or defects when delivering solutions or services to your customers. QA Testing is much more than finding bugs or doing simple testing — it is proactively preventing defects and ensuring the quality of the development process.

Online stores need to test their websites and analyze them to make sure they meet the market standards and fulfill their established goals.

Why QA Testing Is Needed?

  • Save costs by detecting and fixing bugs early
  • Maintain high-quality standards
  • Keep your online store secure
  • Provide best user experience

Magento Quality Assurance Services

DCKAP offers a host of Magento Quality Assurance Testing services, to ensure your online stores deliver unparalleled shopping experiences to your customers. Take a look at the wide-range of Magento QA Testing Services we provide:

Magento End-to-end Application Testing

  • Develop end-to-end Test plan and test cases as per the website requirements
  • Well defined traceability matrix between test cases and requirements
  • In-depth analysis of test case execution and daily progress report
  • Customizable Defect report with metrics

Magento Accessibility Testing

  • Extensive manual QA on application usability for accessibility compliance
  • Gap Analysis to find accessibility gap through screen readers such as JAWS, Voice Over, etc
  • Explicit ADA audit report as per WCAG 2.1 Level A and Level AA standards by accessibility experts
  • Remediation strategy to implement
  • Ongoing support to maintain accessibility compliance on demand

Magento Compatibility Testing

  • Comprehensive QA in latest versions of multiple browsers
  • Deep dive verification of features in iOS and Android devices
  • Establish glitch-free user experience in mobile devices

Magento Performance Testing

  • Ascertain the load capacity that the application can handle
  • Detailed load test scripts to handle a different set of loads
  • Test execution by mimic real user workflow with different loads with different thresholds
  • Provide an accurate report with performance bottlenecks

Magento Automation Testing

  • Analyze and spot out the test scenarios for automation from the requirements
  • Build automation framework using tools which fits your requirement for web and mobile
  • Defect report based on automation test suite execution
  • Maintain and communicate the test scripts execution and status to the stakeholders

Magento Integration Testing

  • In-depth testing of each individual modules
  • Complete verification of requirements of core business modules
  • Detailed Test case execution for Component Integration

Magento Regression Testing

  • Regression Test Strategy
  • Complete list of regression test cases
  • Thorough regression test cases execution
  • Log defects

Magento Payment Gateway Analysis

  • Verifying multiple types of payment providers
  • Check and verify DSS-PCI compliance
  • Ensure payments are accepted in all devices
  • Check for authentication errors if any

Magento 2 Certified Agency

With a solid team of Magento 2 Trained Developers with about 10+ years of experience and Magento 1 Certified Developers with about 30+ certifications, DCKAP helps Magento Customers to transform in order to improve their performance and competitive positioning. DCKAP is also a Magento U Authorised Trainer.

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