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Launch Faster with Shopify Plus

Build your online store with DCKAP’s trusted Shopify Plus experts. DCKAP helps distributors grow faster by optimizing Shopify Plus sites for each unique business.

Shopify Plus Experts Elevate eCommerce

Trust DCKAP’s Shopify Plus experts and services to give you the ecommerce site your business needs to succeed. Built with today’s best practices, your Shopify Plus site will enhance your customer journey.

Accredited Shopify Plus Experts

Distributors Trust DCKAP’s Shopify Plus Implementation and Services

DCKAP has years of experience building Shopify-powered websites. The DCKAP Shopify team has advanced skills and understands the complexities of B2B ecommerce. Our expertise includes:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Shopify platform
  • Proven track record of building high-quality and high-performing Shopify Plus sites
  • Customized Shopify Plus services and solutions
  • Access to exclusive Shopify integrations and Shopify Plus resources
  • Shopify SEO

Flexible Customization

Distributors have maximum control over their online storefront with Shopify Plus’ customization features.

High-Speed Performance

Site performance is never an issue with Spotify Plus. Enjoy speedy checkouts, site speed optimization and global dual content delivery networks.

Stellar Reliability

With 99.99% uptime, Shopify Plus keeps your store running when your customers need it.

Easy Integrations and APIs

Shopify Plus integrates easily with the other software and technologies your team uses.

DCKAP’s Shopify Plus Services

As a Shopify Plus Partner, DCKAP unlocks higher performance for your ecommerce site.

Shopify Integration & Customization

Distributors increase profitability with Shopify integration

  • Custom payment gateway, shipping module and inventory management
  • Customized checkout
  • Shopify B2B customizations
  • ERP integration (SAP, Oracle, P21 and more)
  • CRM integration (Salesforce and more)
  • Marketplace integration (Amazon, eBay and more)

Shopify Plus Migration

If your ecommerce platform isn’t giving you the results you want, consider Shopify Plus. Migrating to Shopify from any platform creates new opportunities. DCKAP Shopify Plus experts support you every step of the way to:

  • Create custom designs or implement third-party themes
  • Analyze and integrate existing apps for Shopify compatibility
  • Migrate or rewrite any code customizations
  • Migrate data
  • Conduct a code audit
  • Create 301 redirects
  • Manage Shopify SEO

Shopify Plus Web Design

DCKAP is a one-stop-shop for Shopify Plus UX, UI and design. With your input and feedback –
and their experience and expertise — DCKAP’s professional web designers create attractive yet simple and responsive Shopify Plus designs for your business.

Comprehensive Shopify Plus QA

Shopify Plus launches are stress-free with DCKAP. Our certified testers understand ecommerce and the latest web testing techniques. DCKAP B2B and B2C Shopify Plus QA services include:

  • End-to-end application testing
  • Verification of performance glitches
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Functional automation testing
  • Verification and validation of Shopify security patches
  • Flawless Shopify upgrade testing
  • Responsive mobile testing
  • Shopify ERP integration testing
  • Extensive Shopify app testing
  • Data migration testing

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