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Whether it’s mapping your business requirements to Shopify Plus, integrating your existing systems, or developing a bespoke store design optimized for conversions, we bring on board our migration experience and deep understanding of Shopify to help your project run smoothly.

Migrating to Shopify Plus will give you a platform that’s flexible, stable, and secure. One that’s not prone to the security issues many merchants from other platforms face. Our proven approach has helped brands securely migrate to Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Our process covers:

  • Pre-migration: Mapping out your needs and understanding your site
  • Migration: Transitioning from Magento to Shopify Plus
  • Post-migration: Reviewing your site and testing thoroughly
Shopify migration DCKAP process

Why Should You Migrate To Shopify Plus

  • Performance & Reliability

    Shopify Plus offers Level 1 PCI DSS compliance certified with continuous risk management. So, you’re covered even while processing thousands of orders in a minute, with Shopify Plus. It makes sure you’re able to scale your business without getting entangled in technical limitations.

  • Seamless Integration

    Shopify Plus has robust APIs which enable you to integrate your ERP, CRM, and other tools. Digital Develop will assist you to choose the best extensions from their App Store ecosystem to work with your agile marketing tools.

  • Access To Dedicated Apps

    As a Shopify Plus user, you will get access to Shopify Scripts, Flows, Launchpad, and other upcoming dedicated apps. With all of those dedicated apps, you’ll able to run customized promotional campaigns and run the business with ease.

  • Unrestricted Capabilities

    If you’re a Shopify Plus merchant, you can customize your checkout page with a liquid template to make it compatible with your brand in terms of design and process. This gives your customer a unique user experience from start to finish.

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Can We Help You Migrate To Shopify or Upgrade To Shopify Plus?

Our team is an expert in Shopify/ShopifyPlus migration, from data handling to ensuring your stock stays in place and that the migration has minimal impact on your current search engine ranking. We have years of experience migrating complex sites to Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms.

Shopify Migration Services We Offer

Migrating all your web store products, content, images, order data, customer data, etc. can be a humongous hassle, especially in the hands of inexperienced developers. At DCKAP, we guarantee you a seamless Shopify migration, by a team of certified Shopify experts. Our expert team of designers and developers has years of experience helping businesses shift their eCommerce operations to Shopify, from popular eCommerce platforms.

Design Migration Shopify

Design Migration :

We clone or create a completely new shopping experience for more conversions, based on industry standards and requirements.

Product Migration Shopify

Product Migration :

We export your entire product library and import it into your new store while ensuring that the running of your business is not impacted

Customer Migration Shopify

Customer Migration :

We organize and transfer the entire existing customer data so that you can continue to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Order Migration Shopify

Order Migration :

We migrate all your orders by importing your existing orders and collaborate it with your existing customers for smooth transactions.


Quality Farm Supply logo - DCKAP

“To raise the performance of our B2C website, we worked with DCKAP to migrate to Shopify. Going into the project, we had the usual apprehensions that come with any such months-long undertaking. But all along the way, DCKAP did a great job for us — from theme selection and design to P21 integration to the integration of the PIM for product content to the selection of appropriate plug-ins to all aspects of the shopping cart — they led us through it all. Throughout the project, they were responsive to our needs and communication was good, with all the deliverables met, or exceeded. Moreover, their understanding of P21 and all that this entails as a business system was a great help. I can recommend them unreservedly for anyone on a similar eCommerce path.”

Blant Hurt

Chief Marketing Specialist

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Quality Farm Supply - DCKAP
bluesky DCKAP client logo

“DCKAP has been a great partner for us and helped us to create a new site on Shopify. They completely helped us achieve our goals under a tight timeline with a clear understanding of our development requirements. Not only did we need to launch an eCommerce site, but they helped us with the rebranding, aspirational design, and a new direction in product categorization and navigational structure. It has been a pleasure to work with the team and we look forward to the next evolution.”

Wes Toyofuku

Sr. Director of Ecommerce

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salterlabs DCKAP client logo

“Thanks for a very successful website launch. You and the entire DCKAP team did a marvelous job. We have received positive feedback regarding the ease of navigation, simple style, and a plethora of good information contained in the site.”

Angie Perkins

Chief Financial Officer, Salter Labs

Salter Labs

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