Element Vape

How DCKAP Helped Element Vape Hit 2x Sales Revenue During Thanksgiving Week

We all love success stories. Yes, we really do celebrate them at DCKAP. Here’s one such success story of our client, Element Vape, who transformed their online business with a prompt switch to an upgraded version of their eCommerce platform, paving the way for their revenue boost, unflinching even in times of uncertainty.

Let’s dive in!

About Element Vape

Element Vape, one of our featured clients, is a progressive retail establishment in the electronic cigarette industry based out of California, offering a wide array of vape products and accessories, complemented with premium vape juice.

DCKAP - Powering Digital Commerce

DCKAP is a digital commerce solutions provider headquartered in Texas, United States. Having helped 1,000+ brands achieve digital transformation by implementing the most suitable eCommerce platforms and integration solutions for B2B/B2C businesses, we also host a product suite with solutions ranging from ERP integration to tracking your eCommerce analytics.

Donning 15+ years of expertise in the space of digital commerce, we see to our client’s requirements with the help of a strong technical team that strategizes and implements the best-in-class website features for any industry that the business operates.

Let’s see how we solved some of the pain-points that Element Vape had before they reached DCKAP.

Leveraging A Better Business Model For Element Vape

Element Vape had its website in Magento 1, which was on the verge of losing technical support from the platform as they announced its end of life in June 2020. Swiftly initiating their migration to Magento 2 Commerce Edition, they saved their website from becoming outdated, leading to an enhanced online store performance through DCKAP.

Our experts identified their requirements and implemented the migration process with over 2.2 million order records from M1 to M2. We also integrated Signifyd and Shipstation to provide enhanced security and increase the order processing time. Subsequently, we ensured that their website is completely ADA compliant and made it universally accessible to all.

Migration Done Right!

Migration is one of the primary processes involved while upgrading or re-platforming your eCommerce store, where the entire information/data related to the customer, products, orders, server, ERP, PIM are transferred to another platform without any data loss.

However, the reason for migration is a no-brainer. In simple words, you can get hold of all the updated features, acing your way to staying on the radar. Also, leverage the centralization of data as you can find better eCommerce platforms providing robust features of analytics, data tracking, storage, and many more.

Our certified Magento experts not only migrated 2.2M order records, but here is a list of other data that have been included during the migration process:

  • Delta migration for 21k+ products during downtime
  • Migrated 5k+ products with customized attributes and options from Magento 1
  • Reward points earned through the purchase of 700,000+ customers
  • Server migration – We helped them choose a flexible hosting solution, Nexcess

Would you believe it if I say that all of this data has been migrated with Zero Data Loss? Yes, that’s something our experts did with ease.

Role of Business Team

The fruition of any project requires an agile business team, whose hands-on approach strikes a chord with the client right from the initial phase of communication. From discovering their pain points to coming up with a foolproof plan, the content and satisfied clients stand as a testament to the efforts of the business team.

Being there for the customer when needed is the foremost expectation of any client in a business, and our project management team has never let our clients down. Element Vape mirrors the perfect example where our experts ensured complete availability with regular follow-up meetings to discuss strategies and to track the progress of the client’s business. Our understanding of their business grew deeper, carving out ways to provide better insights in boosting the performance of their Magento 2 Store.

Strategy To Handle BFCM Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are increasingly becoming synonymous with the expression of ending the year with a bang. With online sales hitting a whopping $60 billion in the US, you cannot turn a blind eye to the impact cyber weekend has on eCommerce. The success of any online storefront gets reflected in its prowess in coping with such a massive influx of customers.

Our team of experts from DCKAP ensured our client’s website was well-equipped to handle Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales without batting an eyelid. We provided enough hosting support, along with our partner Nexcess, to ensure zero downtime and flawless website performance to manage the traffic effectively. In addition to this, we also offered them a free upgrade and additional memory storage through Nexcess, to keep their website safe and sound.

Here are some of the key touchpoints we restructured at the server level and code level:

Server Level:

1. Added two new nodes for a load balancer.
2. Configure cache in a separate server for increased speed.
3. 10g upgrade for a File server, DB server, and Load balancer.

Code Level:

4. Implemented advance bundling and optimize the site speed.
5. Image optimize in home page (converted image from JPG to WEBP format).

Reduced Load Time

An eCommerce business that makes $100,000 a day is expected to lose $2.5 Million in annual revenue due to a 1-second page delay. The loading speed of a website’s web pages is one of the key considerations when it comes to the order completion process during eCommerce sales.

Keeping this in mind, we made our client’s website fully-optimized to load web pages within 3-4 seconds which delivered a hassle-free shopping experience to their customers.

Element Vape had doubled their sales during Thanksgiving this year, touching a new milestone along their journey.

eCommerce Analytics For Enhanced Forecasting

Measuring and monitoring the eCommerce business is equally important to maintaining the website. We wanted to make sure that our client should get the ins and outs of all data involved in the purchasing process. vizB, our eCommerce analytics software was put into utilization to forecast the eCommerce sales and orders placed during the Thanksgiving week.

vizB also identified their top-selling and least selling products in their catalog to give a clear picture of where to focus in the marketing arena. These performance insights further guided our client to invest more in marketing activities at high performing areas and multiply their sales during Thanksgiving.

Concluding Thoughts

The journey of DCKAP with Element Vape is weaved into the success stories of eCommerce implementation, setting an example of how we enabled them to achieve profitable revenue. Prompt migration and effective integrations were delivered along with continuous support from our business team. We are more than proud to have worked with our client, Element Vape and to share the experience with you.

DCKAP has always been committed to delivering exceptional services in all aspects of a business to help them thrive and direct them towards the path of a successful eCommerce Journey.